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IBM HR Summit, London 2017: The power of transforming HR

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2017 represents a tremendously exciting year for all of us that work within, enable, or service the HR community. Only 12 months ago we sat in 155 Bishopsgate talking about the potential transformation of the HR function as we entered the Cognitive era. It is incredible to think that one year later we were able to not just talk about, but actually travel through the potential journey of the new Cognitive Powered Employee Experience!
The Summit gave us all a unique opportunity to share, explore and debate how we can all leverage technology to transform the lives of our colleagues, respecting the need to deliver experiences in the work place that are as personalised, engaging and exciting as those we have at home, with one mission: to ensure your companies most valuable asset, its people, are given the opportunity to be as productive, motivated and engaged as humanly possible.
I really hope that all of those 300-plus HR colleagues who joined us at HR Summit felt excited, empowered, but also reassured that as we find ourselves in an era of incredible change. Underpinned by innovations like artificial intelligence, we are privileged to have the opportunity to be the thought leaders, the change drivers, the champions, that help reshape HR, not to replace our people, but make the most of our people, empowering better decision making, delivering better services to our customers, and driving forward organizational performance.
Throughout the day we heard from a fantastic range of customers and partners from across the globe, with topics ranging from engagement surveys, to candidate assessment, and Watson, all of whom at their core focused on the fundamental objective to learn and understand more about their people, and with that output empower their teams to deliver the best possible experience as talent is engaged, recruited, retained, and developed throughout their employee lifecycle.
Toward the end of the day I had the privilege of introducing World Cup winning, Matt Dawson MBE to the stage. Interviewed by IBM European Software Leader, Steve Smith, Matt shared the journey up to and following the 2003 World Cup, really underpinning the value that teamwork, competitive/people insights, and agility brings to any team, be that on the pitch or in the workplace.
In summary, (and I hope you agree) it was a hugely successful and inspiring event, underpinned by fantastic customer stories and real-time insights into to the technologies and insights available today to optimise and transform the employee experience.
It is widely considered that more than 30 percent of people’s lives are spent at work and the experiences we have there, influence our quality of life, the decisions we make, and impact those closest to us. We hope the Summit (and replays available online) open your eyes to the phenomenal opportunity and responsibility we as individuals and as organisations have to transform the lives of our employees and ultimately society.

See you next year!

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