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Balancing the Roles of Risk and Innovation on Customer Experience

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Businesses of today face many new challenges on a daily basis, and organisations are asking employees to be more innovative in their approach in order to generate better solutions for their customers. Organisations are no longer asking just for more of the same effort from employees, but more novel effort to stimulate innovation.

Join IBM’s Australian psychology team at IOP 2017, where we will discuss the implications of a study in the financial sector, an industry where risk is always top of mind, on how workforce risk and workforce innovation strategies interact to drive positive customer experiences.
As innovation involves change, it also involves risk, and research suggests a negative attitude towards risk taking by senior leaders can impact negatively on innovation. This session will discuss perceived customer satisfaction in the context of employee engagement, and how risk management combined with innovation practice in a financial services organisation to improve perceived customer satisfaction.
Conference Registration details are http://www.iopconference.com.au/registration/.

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