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We’re Headed to SIOP 2017! Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.

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Later this week I’ll be heading to Orlando for SIOP’s annual conference, and while having Disney World outside of my hotel sounds enticing, I’ll be (surprisingly) thrilled to pack in some crowded conference room time to learn about the latest research and practice in our field. Before we knew “data scientists” presenting “people analytics” could be a “cool” thing, Industrial/Organizational Psychologists have been doing just that for over 32 years at SIOP’s annual conference.

I enjoy this conference as an applied researcher because it provides an opportunity for practitioners to share their research with academics, and for “competitors” in consulting to become “collaborators” in combined research efforts. In my session on Mobile Assessment, I will be collaborating with my colleagues from @HoganAssessment and @OutMatchHCM as we share trends in Mobile Assessment. With technology trends moving at such a fast rate, consulting firms and organizations are often the first to share data around findings and trends before it hits the academic literature. In a recent call to all I/O Psychologists, leaders in our field pled to enhance the Scientist-Practitioner Model by providing more timely/relevant research on trends rapidly impacting the practice of our tools/approaches. Mobile Assessment is a prime example of that rate of change – in fact a recent SIOP White Paper cited mobile assessment usage rise from 8% in 2012 to 23% in 2015 (you’ll have to come to our session to hear the latest stats!).

So, from the time a journal article gets submitted for publication and then gets published, the trends in practice have already forged far ahead. This is exactly why I get excited about the annual conference as I can see the latest insights from colleagues across academia, industry, consulting, and government. In our session, we intend to make it even more engaging by having our attendees check out different assessment types using their mobile device and respond via survey during our session. Bring your device (or devices) as we will be sharing and conducting applied research at the same time – something even more magical than what Mickey can provide on Saturday afternoon. At least we hope so – and hope to see you there!

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