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Watson Health Success Story: Schneck Medical Center

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Schneck Medical Center’s Shery Tiemeyer, Director of Patient Services, and Susan Zabor, Vice President of Clinical Services share how they established a multi-disciplinary team to improve process of care at Schneck Medical Center.
  • The need
    Schneck Medical Center needed to develop a strategy to address a disproportionately high number of chronic obstructive pulmonary
    disease (COPD) patients in its population and reduce the associated readmissions.
  • The solution

    The team used IBM® CareDiscovery® to identify the root of the hospital’s rising readmission rate and formulate a plan to improve its patient-centric approach across the care continuum.
  • The benefit

    The data available in the CareDiscovery solution helped the hospital focus efforts to improve care for COPD patients, resulting in an
    80 percent reduction in the unplanned COPD readmission rate and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.
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