Case Study

Success story: Health Quest

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Health Quest, a not-for-profit, four-hospital health system with locations throughout Connecticut and New York’s Hudson Valley, needed access to real-time patient data to meet quality-based performance benchmarks.


  • The transformation
    By using the Watson Health suite of population health management solutions to consolidate disparate data from across practices and departments, Health Quest was able to identify gaps in care, track individual touch points, and refine its process of care to improve system-wide population health.


  • The result
    As a result of engaging care teams and optimizing technology with insights from Watson Health solutions, Health Quest closed gaps in care, generating $3.7 million in total billing revenue; received a final MIPS score of 93.32 out of 100, resulting in a 1.65 percent payment bonus in year 1 and met the care management requirements of CPC+ Track 2.
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