How to drive smarter benefits programs

Surface insights from your healthcare data

By | 1 minute read | June 26, 2019

Human resource (HR) professionals are often tasked with finding out how to deliver smarter benefits programs.

Executives want answers and ask HR to determine the ROI of their benefits programs, to find effective interventions to optimize healthcare spend, how they can improve business performance, and for a better understanding of what programs are working.

The answers to these questions often lie hidden within mountains of data.

It is possible to optimize your benefits strategy and get the answers you need by implementing a simple solution that provides data in every dimension and insights with every view.

IBM Health Insights for Employers is an easy-to-use analytic platform that meets the analytic user where they are. It allows them to pull static or custom reports while leveraging AI to answer questions and identify emerging cost drivers.

What’s even better? Employers have access to monitor spend with ease, accuracy and speed using state of the art data visualization and AI technologies.

Look at population health data through different views

Access intuitive dashboards
Provide actionable insights to help you identify opportunities to improve population health, find potential cost savings and access comparisons to benchmarks.

Dig deeper into data
Explore data visually, create self-service dashboards and deep-dive into reports when you need to navigate detailed data findings.

Identify hidden patterns
Surface insights through machine learning to look at trends in thousands of healthcare data elements that identify emerging cost drivers to support early intervention.

Gain AI guidance
Quickly connect users to content they need and answer questions around healthcare topics in your data.

Transform your organization’s benefits strategy with an analytics and visualization portfolio that looks at every angle and puts data into context.

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