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SmartAnalyst Inc. used IBM Explorys clinical data to improve how a company markets its medications

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SmartAnalyst and the IBM® Watson Health™ team used the IBM Explorys® data set to study the journey of more than 6,500 real-life psoriasis patients. The data revealed a tendency for patients to jump from topical remedies to injectables rather quickly, skipping oral medications. As a result, SmartAnalyst’s customer, a pharmaceutical company, is changing the way it communicates with patients and doctors.

Business Challenge
One of SmartAnalyst Inc.’s customers wanted to know more about psoriasis patients’ typical progression from topical remedies to oral medications to injectable biologic treatments.

SmartAnalyst and the IBM Watson Health team identified over 6,500 real-world psoriasis patients and uncovered timely treatment trends in the way they progress through their treatment pathways.

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