IBM and Salesforce join forces to help deliver verifiable vaccine and health passes

The companies are partnering to help organizations as they strive to safely reopen in the wake of COVID-19 and provide individuals with a privacy-preserving way to share their vaccination and health status.

By | 2 minute read | December 18, 2020

Business man showing his vaccine credentials to be admitted to an event

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People are eager to emerge from COVID-19 and its disruptions. As a vaccine starts to become available in the US and UK, some organizations and individuals are planning how to safely return to public spaces – albeit with additional considerations.

IBM Watson Health and Salesforce are partnering to help organizations as they strive to safely reopen physical locations. Integration of the IBM Digital Health Pass with the Salesforce Workplace Command Center is designed to give organizations a single hub to help make data-driven decisions as they look to minimize risk, take action where needed and communicate effectively. These decisions can help organizations bring employees back to offices, visitors back to hotels, concert goers back to music venues and sports fans back to stadiums.

The solution is designed to help enable individuals to share their vaccination and health status on their smartphone in a verifiable and privacy-preserving way. For example, once a vaccine is administered, an individual would be issued a verifiable health credential via the IBM Digital Health Pass that would be included only in that individual’s encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone.

Built on IBM Blockchain technology, the Digital Health Pass is designed to enable organizations to verify health credentials for individuals entering their site based on criteria specified by the organization, such as test results, vaccination records and temperature checks. Privacy is central to the solution. The digital wallet can enable individuals to maintain control of their health information, without exposing the underlying personal data used to generate the pass.

IBM Digital Health Pass will be available through Salesforce, a suite of solutions and resources already deployed by cities, states and companies around the world to help them reopen safely and support the health and wellbeing of their employees. Salesforce recently introduced for Vaccines to help governments and healthcare organizations more safely and efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale.

IBM has long been a leader in the responsible stewardship of technology and clients’ most valuable data. The IBM Digital Health Pass conforms to the company’s high ethical standards, long-established Principles for Trust and Transparency and guidelines for deployment of technologies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. IBM supports equitable and inclusive application of health passes as well as expansive access to the COVID-19 vaccine and other related healthcare services.