How mobile technology can help support the changing ways clinicians work

Whether in the clinic, on the go, or at home – clinicians need fast, reliable information. Mobile clinical decision support solutions may be the answer.

By | 3 minute read | August 18, 2020

On more than one occasion, I’ve witnessed clinicians sitting on a hospital unit searching for answers on their mobile phones instead of on the desktop workstations directly in front of them. As more devices, larger screens and faster networks have become available, this behavior has increasingly become standard practice in our workflow – indicating the growing value of mobile technology in healthcare.

Access to healthcare information via mobile devices is not novel, and the mechanics of various mobile-enabled solutions are essentially the same: They offer access to different medical content via the same scrolling and searching methods. And no matter what subject they cover, these solutions are designed with the same purpose in mind: To provide a resource or action for customers on-the-go.

But even if most mobile solutions are designed the same way, not all of them deliver the same results. Some mobile solutions can leave you waiting…and waiting…and waiting. And when the answer finally arrives, you are left scrolling to find it. And even after the wait, the information may ultimately be of little to no help, because clinical information that isn’t sourced from high-quality, evidence-based content is practically meaningless.

For clinicians, time is a scarce resource. Mobile solutions that leave clinicians waiting – or deliver poor quality answers – can be a hinderance rather than helpful.  

Luckily, they no longer have to accept the status quo.

New mobile technology from IBM® Watson Health®, IBM Micromedex® with Watson™ for Mobile Browsers, can help support how clinicians work in this changing environment, potentially helping to improve efficiency. That’s because instead of relying solely on traditional keyword search methods, the mobile interface uses a conversational search assistant powered by Watson artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver answers.  The Watson Assistant allows clinicians to simply type a question in the search box the same way they would speak to other medical professionals (e.g., “Can rituxan cause HA?”). The solution then uses its domain-specific training and natural language processing capabilities to mine the evidence-based content in Micromedex and deliver reliable answers to the point of care.

Imagine: A solution that adapts to you Instead of you having to adapt to it. Isn’t that what mobile technology should deliver?

IBM® Micromedex® with Watson™ for Mobile Browsers is designed to offer:

  • Support for a broader range of devices 
    Clinicians can now access Micromedex content with their phones or tablets via Wi-Fi, including hospital-issued mobile devices which are already embedded into the daily workflow. Additionally, the desktop and mobile browser interfaces are identical, which can help eliminate unfamiliarity and help maintain user confidence while switching between platforms.
  • A mobile solution with industry-leading Watson AI   
    Powered by the AI of Watson, IBM Micromedex with Watson for Mobile Browsers can potentially help improve clinical workflows and expedite access to the high-quality clinical information by enabling clinicians to get reliable answers by simply typing like they talk.
  • Reliable, evidence-based information 
    The evidence-based information accessed through the mobile solution is the same content that has made Micromedex a leading resource for clinicians worldwide for nearly 50 years. That means clinicians can be confident they are getting the information they need to help them provide the best care, as quickly as possible.

Clinicians should not have to go through a series of actions via muscle memory (tap, tap, scroll, swipe, then search paragraphs for the answer) to get the support they need. Instead, they should be able to ask a focused question and get a focused answer – with the option to get further details if needed. Micromedex with Watson for Mobile Browsers offers clinicians a new way of getting the high-quality content they need, when and how they need it.

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