Our top 3 takeaways from APHSA ISM 2021

The IBM Watson Health team shares takeaways from the 2021 APHSA ISM Conference with a focus on how governments can improve programs by modernizing systems.

By | 2 minute read | October 7, 2021

The IBM Watson Health team sharing innovative technology at ISM 2021

Last week, IBM® Watson Health® joined health and human services leaders in Cincinnati for the 2021 APHSA ISM Conference. Attendees heard our perspective on how COVID-19 has impacted the social services landscape, and about how one of our agency partners is using technology to respond to urgent community needs.

For those unable to join us, we have compiled our takeaways below:

1. Digital transformation can deepen community engagement

  • HHS agencies are using digital transformation to bring services and citizens closer together. They’re improving access to benefits and giving citizens options to interact with their governments anytime, from anywhere, on any device.
  • Agencies are increasing their investments in cloud technology and are preparing for future technology advances that can improve benefits delivery.
  • We are seeing more agencies using human-centered design to create digital services that meet the needs of their communities and stakeholders.
  • We partnered with Clark County, Nevada to build a digital portal that delivered cash assistance for residents to make rent payments during the pandemic. In one month, an AI chatbot managed more than 120,000 inquires that were previously handled by caseworkers. As a result, IDC Government Insights named Clark County the winner of its Smart Cities North America Awards in the Public Health and Social Services category.

Read how Clark County used technology to combat homelessness during the pandemic

See how IBM Citizen Engagement is helping agencies deliver benefits faster:

2. Intuitive case management technology can help give valuable time back to caseworkers

  • Human-centered design is helping to make processing applications and managing cases a more simple, intuitive and modern experience for caseworkers.
  • Technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), can be used to reduce the time caseworkers spend on repetitive tasks. We recently updated our Social Program Management solution to help caseworkers improve their productivity, giving them more time to help citizens with complex needs.
  • The Scottish Government shared how a“cloud first” approach helped them deliver benefits to citizens. Lisa Baron-Broadhurst, Program Director for the Scottish Social Security Programme, shared how they collaborated with us to build a modern, flexible platform paid out more than £190 million in social security benefits to nearly 100,000 households.

3.  Applying innovative technologies to transform whole person care

  • We’re seeing agencies turn to technology solutions to reduce challenges caseworkers face today, such as administrative overload and fractured communication across stakeholders.
  • At ISM, we launched our purpose-built, configurable SaaS child welfare solution, which can help governments accelerate and enhance their support for families and communities. During the event, Sonoma County, which has partnered with IBM to address homelessness, shared that 85 percent of residents in need received necessary social services and hospital costs for high emergency department users diminished by one-third.

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