Inpatient volume and LOS: Your trends may not look like everyone else’s — and why it matters

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Conventional wisdom has it that inpatient volume and length of stay will keep trending downward as more procedures are performed in outpatient settings. But given our aging population and geographic variations, that assumption may not hold true across the board.

Learn how to gather accurate inpatient volume growth for your market – which may not match the rest of the country – and use it to develop accurate facility plans that fit your population’s predicted needs. This informational webinar examines:
  • Trends in population aging and what they mean for the inpatient experience
  • Differences in inpatient growth across states
  • The impact of inpatient volume and LOS changes on facility and bed planning


Joy Henderson, FACHE
National Director of Strategic Planning Solutions


Susan Shamoun, MPH
Product Manager, Planning Solutions

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