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IBM Watson Health taps hospital clinical data to improve sepsis care

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Sepsis is the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals, with more than 1.5 million cases diagnosed each year, resulting in roughly 250,000 deaths[1]. Despite these stark numbers, an estimated 80% of sepsis deaths could be prevented with rapid response and treatment[2].

Hospitals are struggling to find ways to improve processes that speed early sepsis intervention by increasing adherence to strict quality standards. The national average for compliance with these sepsis quality standards is roughly 54%[3].

Recently HealthLeaders published an analysis titled “2 Key Sepsis Steps Hospitals Should Use” featuring IBM Watson Health clients DeKalb Medical in Decatur, GA, and AHMC Healthcare in Alhambra, CA. Both organizations leveraged data and clinical care team capabilities to make improvements. Through increased awareness and care coordination, DeKalb Medical was able to reduce sepsis mortality 30%, with about 48 lives saved. Additionally, DeKalb has achieved cost avoidance savings totaling $2.7 million. Timely protocols allowed AHMC Healthcare to achieve nearly 100% compliance with the CMS sepsis core measure.

Read the full HealthLeaders article here.

Read more about IBM CareDiscovery® the Watson Health solution that helped these organizations achieve these outcomes, here.






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