IBM Child Welfare Solution as a Service – A game changer!

By | 2 minute read | April 25, 2019

Building a new child welfare application is complex. There are many processes needed to keep a child safe and provide the right resources to help support the family. Getting this right for the case workers is key in order for a project to be a success and provide a solution that supports the needs of each caseworker, no matter their role within the department. The system must be able to securely provide the right information to the caseworker at the right time, no matter their location to enable them to fully support the children and families. As agencies look to modernize their child welfare systems, it is important to choose the right partner who can support that transformation journey.

IBM Watson Health has a wealth of experience providing solutions in health and human services. We have been working with child welfare agencies in the US and around the globe for over 20 years and we are committed to helping case workers more effectively and efficiently, manage ever-increasing caseloads which help to improve the lives of the children and families they support. And to demonstrate that commitment, we are continuously investing in, and enhancing our child welfare solution.

Watson Health is pleased to announce our IBM Child Welfare Solution as a Service which is a proven, modular child welfare solution now being offered as a subscription-based cloud offering. Solution as a service combines industry knowledge, best practices, and a packaged solution along with managed services. Modules can be combined to support the full end to end functionality required by child welfare agencies. The cloud offering allows child welfare departments to focus on other key program initiatives without having to procure, deploy and support large-scale IT infrastructure as part of their modernization strategy. The offering is provided in a secure cloud environment that allows for configuration to suit each client’s unique needs with fully managed services for application and infrastructure development while providing the department a competitive, affordable, low entry cost, and predictable cost model.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlike other vendors, you not only own your data, but the solution can be moved to a different hosting environment if needed or if you were to choose to an on premise environment at some point in the future. You maintain ownership of your solution with flexibility for the future. You are not tied to a single cloud environment.
  • High speed to value due to our extensive child welfare data model and pre-built configurable child welfare business processes built by former case workers and subject matter experts.
  • Low cost thanks to the investments by Watson Health to provide extensive configurable functionality available Day 1 to meet budget needs.
  • Committed roadmap investments provide assurance of regular technology refreshes and delivery of new capabilities as encouraged by the Administration of Children and Families.
  • You decide your modernization journey. Is it intake, collaboration, case management or adoption that is giving you the biggest headache? Start your journey with a fully functional commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that will integrate with existing systems or new modules as you move forward.
  • Minimize Maintenance & Operation (M&O) headaches and expenses by being able to manage and plan for M&O in the future.
  • A proven and reliable solution that fully supports the CCWIS regulations – in production in the US.
  • Support for data analytics throughout the child welfare lifecycle with actionable insights and AI to assist caseworkers and supervisors in case plan delivery.

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