Helping Montgomery County Juvenile Court improve efficiencies and outcomes

Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Juvenile Court is a division of the Montgomery County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas. In addition to two judges and nine magistrates, the court employs bailiffs, court reporters, judicial technicians and a large administrative staff. The court receives almost 16,000 referrals a year.  They serve 120 youth per week in the Drug Court.   In addition, the court also oversees a probation services department that supervises more than 750 youth each year.The Court needed a better way to automate current judicial processes and identify areas where families and children could benefit from streamlined services.  In particular, they required a holistic view of an individual – incorporating clinical, behavioral & social data – to improve drug court outcomes.

Montgomery County Juvenile Court implemented IBM Watson Care Manager. The case study “Montgomery County Juvenile Court: Helping juvenile treatment court improve efficiency and outcomes with an IBM Watson Health solution” describes how IBM Watson Health worked with Judge Anthony Capizzi to develop a standardized, web-based tool that allows him to review all information related to a juvenile enrolled in the Drug Court Program, helping the team working with the juvenile to view data and collaborate on the juvenile’s case plan.

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