Hardin Memorial Health debuts new AI solution for radiologists

Clinicians are empowered with deep clinical insights

By | 1 minute read | May 8, 2019

When radiologists at Hardin Memorial Health needed more patient information while reading an imaging study, they faced a common frustration: the EHR is cumbersome and difficult to search.

But after becoming the first client to “go live” with IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, the radiologists at Hardin can now use the power of AI to help them find relevant patient information quickly and easily.

“This tool is expected to dramatically assist caregivers in their treatment of patients,” said Dennis Johnson, Hardin Memorial Health President and CEO. “The HMH team and the over 400,000 Central Kentuckians we care for deserve the world’s best in imaging technology. Now, thanks to a long and valued relationship with IBM, they have just that.”

Important patient information can be elusive in the EHR because 80% of its data is unstructured content, such as physician notes. Patient Synopsis was trained by radiologists to recognize and extract the clinically relevant information hidden away in the EHR. The findings are presented to the radiologist in a single-page summary and organized into 12 categories — all in sync with the PACS and ready in seconds.

“Hardin Memorial Health has been a Merge Unity PACS client for over 15 years,” said Anne Le Grand, IBM Watson Health’s General Manager for Imaging. “Over this time, we’ve experienced Hardin leadership’s very innovative and visionary approach to providing healthcare to this community. We are thrilled HMH could be the first to put Watson to use in medical imaging.”