Driving readmission prevention through performance improvement

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In this on-demand webinar replay, Shery Tiemeyer, Director of Patient Services, and Susan Zabor, Vice President of Clinical Services, share how they established a multi-disciplinary team to improve process of care at Schneck Medical Center.
As a result of the team’s work, the number of unplanned COPD readmissions decreased by 80%.  Find out what they did to achieve these results.

In this session, learn:
  • How to use data to focus improvement efforts
  • How to drive improvement implementation based on data
  • How to attain and sustain positive results based on data
  • Most importantly—how to improve the patient-centric approach to the continuum of care by stretching the boundaries of the organization into expanded community partnerships

Shery Tiemeyer
Director of Patient Services
Schneck Medical Center

Susan Zabor
Vice President of Clinical Services
Schneck Medical Center


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