How governments are driving digital innovation in health and human services

By | 1 minute read | November 5, 2019

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IBM Watson Health was recently featured on the podcast FCW Expert Voices in a discussion about how governments are using technology and data to transform health and human services. The expert guest was Director of Government Offering Management Amy Wykoff, who talked with host John Pulley about public health organizations that have successfully used IBM’s solutions to build modern programs that their citizens better.

“When we started Watson Health,” said Wykoff. “It was built on the principle that health is really about combining better clinical medicine with a holistic approach to supporting citizens through social programs.”

According to Wykoff, over 65 million people rely on IBM’s solutions to access their benefits, and organizations around the world—large and small—have achieved meaningful results.1 As an example, she highlighted the New York City Department of Social Services. Of the 40,000 applications the department receives for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), 80% of applicants submit their information online through the IBM Watson Health Solution for Universal Access.1 Those submissions resulted in a 37% decrease in office visits for SNAP applications, which meant fewer families had to juggle finding childcare and taking time off from work to access better nutrition.1

The podcast also covered IBM’s design philosophy, the role of AI and data in social programs, and the future of digital innovation in health human services.

“People need agile, they need design-thinking approaches, they need modular capabilities, and they need an industry-specific platform,” said Wykoff. “That’s what I ensure our team is focused on.”

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