Digital therapeutics: new therapy opportunities

By | 1 minute read | November 5, 2018

The IBM Institute of Business Value (IBV) is IBM’s thought leadership arm, and has launched a study to understand the progress of “Digital Therapeutics”.

Digital therapeutics are clinically proven treatment options that use software to augment a standard of care or enable new therapy opportunities for a medical or psychological condition.

Expert Insight

The results will provide input to a forthcoming Expert Insight from the IBM Institute for Business Value.

The study is being complimented by a short mini pulse survey. The IBV would be grateful if you could answer 8 questions (3 mins to fill in) by the 11th of November and share your view on Digital Therapeutics:

This survey is intended for life science professionals, payers, and medical doctors to answer the following questions:

  • We see a trend that therapies will be augmented by Artificial Intelligence and digital solutions in the near future. Which application area holds the biggest promise?
  • Not all therapies are equally likely to profit from digital solutions. What are the prerequisites for successful implementation?
  • What will ecosystems focused on delivering digital therapeutics look like?

If you would like to receive a copy please provide your email address at the end of the survey.

If you’d like to learn more about the Institute of Business Value please follow this link:


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