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“Connected health” designed for health

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Connected Health

Over the years, the life sciences industry has been investing in capturing and analyzing patient health information. Specifically, companies have been creating digital health applications with the goal of improving treatment and care.

But though patients may feel at ease using “connected health” promoted by their doctors, they are wary about using similar programs marketed by pharma and medical device companies. Like doctors, companies are challenged to assure patients that their health information will remain in trustworthy hands – that it will remain true, self-owned and used only for good.

To earn this assurance, companies must pay careful attention to the infrastructure they use to store and analyze patient health information. Whether it’s an in-house server or a cloud platform, this infrastructure needs to be held in the highest regard – almost as a sacred sanctuary where only priest and confessor would share information.

The encouraging news is that there are platforms built for health, and companies in the life sciences are gaining greater consumer confidence in the “connected health” they strive to provide. Examples of what a cloud platform is doing to help “connected care” truly take off are:

  • Full cloud management
  • Standards support
  • Digital applications development
  • Data governance management
  • Regulatory requirements support

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