Cognitive Computing in IBM Watson Health: Research and Development

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A large and ever growing amount of data is available today with the potential to inform healthcare decisions for both individuals and populations. Leveraging this data, however, and converting it into information, knowledge, and actionable insights requires sophisticated, scalable analytics combined with informed integration into the healthcare practitioner’s workflow. Cognitive computing offers a new approach to this problem by understanding complex data, reasoning with purpose, providing natural interaction and engagement, and learning at scale.

Listen to the replay of this webinar “Cognitive Computing in IBM Watson Health: Research and Development” with Eric Brown, PhD, Director Foundational Innovation at IBM Watson Health and Jianying Hu, PhD, Distinguished RSM and Senior Manager, Center for Computational Health at IBM Research. This webinar introduced cognitive computing and gave several examples of how IBM Watson Health is integrating cognitive computing into healthcare and life sciences offerings. The presenters also described some of the exciting work in the research pipeline that will yield the next generation of cognitive and big data analytics solutions.

Eric and Jianying share insights on:
• The fundamental concepts in cognitive computing and big data analytics
• The opportunities for applying cognitive computing in healthcare and life sciences
• An introduction to the key cognitive computing and data science research areas for healthcare and life sciences

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