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IBM Watson Health is working with professionals across the globe to tackle some of the world’s most pressing health challenges. With our data, analytics, and AI solutions, clients are transforming their clinical decision-making, accelerating drug research and discovery, optimizing performance, and engaging consumers. Read about their successes now.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic’s clinical trial matching project sees higher enrollment in breast cancer trials through use of IBM
Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

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Novel solutions are necessary to address this unmet clinical need, advance cancer research and treatments, and in turn improve health outcomes of patients.

Tufia Haddad, MD,
Mayo Clinic oncologist and physician leader for the IBM® Watson® for Clinical Trial Matching project

Prudential Financial

Prudential pinpointed specific opportunities to engage and assist employees in improving their health and financial
wellness, and established new programs, benefits and offerings that are successfully working toward this goal

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Prudential’s ability to have interactive conversations with business leaders and to quickly turn around deeper analysis builds a reputation that helps us deliver the message that culture matters, and we can influence it directly.

Andrew Crighton, MD,
VP & Chief Medical Officer, Prudential Financial

The Aurum Institute

By centralizing its clinical data collection processes through IBM Clinical Development, the Aurum Institute could
significantly improve the speed and accuracy of its clinical trials data capture and reporting, and unlock valuable
insights that had previously been hidden in the research metadata.

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I can’t stress enough how much time IBM Clinical Development has given back to me as we’ve implemented it. Just the automation of the system queries – things like range checks, missing fields, future dates and cross-checking – has removed a major, labor-intensive process from our day-to-day responsibilities

Sarah Yates,
Strategic Information Advisor, Aurum

Dekalb Medical

Using IBM CareDiscovery solution, DeKalb medical was able to ultimately help the system reduce complications by 58 percent, save 55 lives annually by reducing mortality—and realize savings of more than $12 million

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Prior to our time working with Watson Health we had reported our quality performance to the Board of Directors in the context of performance measures, core measures and CMS-required public reporting. We really didn’t effectively use the global outcome measures that reflect an organization’s overall performance

Ellen Hargett,
Executive Director, DeKalb Medical

Floyd health care system

With help from an IBM Watson Health clinical application advisor, Floyd expanded its IBM solutions and used their unique capabilities to progress toward a more robust population healthcare model by adding care coordination activities and improving key process measures.

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Our mission was to show our primary care practices how IBM Watson Health could help them, and IBM made that very easy to do.

Jennifer Harveston,
Population Health Data Analyst, Floyd

Hallmark Health Medical Associates

Using numerous solutions on the IBM® Phytel® Patient Engagement suite, HHMA provides caregivers with patient summaries that highlight gaps in care and gives them the information they need to rapidly close those gaps. The solution also helps HHMA standardize documentation procedures across multiple clinics.

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We want to provide the best possible patient care and prove it in our documentation. The IBM Phytel solution helps us do both

Stacy Sheffield, Registered Nurse and Electronic Medical Record Optimizer, Hallmark
Health Medical Associates

Little Company of Mary Hospital

The IBM Micromedex clinical decision support solution provided the Little Company of Mary staff with near real-time access to accurate drug information, allowing them to make faster decisions, ensure positive interactions and, ultimately, achieve better patient outcomes.

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When it comes to drug information, speed, accuracy and reliability are all vital, and Micromedex was the most efficient way to rapidly get that information

Rich Mioni,
Critical Care Pharmacy Specialist


By participating in the ActionOI operational and financial performance benchmarking program, the team significantly lowered medical supply expenses, cut labor costs and helped the system reduce the average inpatient patient length of stay.

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Staffing and labor is more than 50 percent of a facility’s total costs,” Rasey said. “So it can be tempting to just say, ‘We have to make across-the-board cuts in every department,’ but that’s not diagnosing the problem. After conducting this analysis, we were able to target departments that showed the greatest opportunity comparatively for both labor and medical supplies, and make meaningful strides toward reducing costs.

Ron Rasey, System Process Engineer and ActionOI Coordinator, ProMedica

Schneck Medical Center

The data available in the CareDiscovery solution helped the hospital focus efforts to improve care for COPD patients, resulting in an 80 percent reduction in the unplanned COPD readmission rate and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

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Once we took steps to address our COPD population, we were not only able to reduce our raw readmission rate by 55 percent, but we also saw that the number of COPD patients being admitted to the hospital was dramatically decreasing.

Susan Zabor, Vice President of Clinical Services, Schneck Medical Center

SmartAnalyst Inc.

The IBM® Watson Health™ team helped SmartAnalyst use IBM Explorys® Offerings for Life Sciences to compare treatment patterns and time-to-event outcomes for almost 2,000 real world lines of therapy for multiple myeloma. A retrospective analysis of the data showed that SmartAnalyst’s customer’s therapy had more favorable medication tolerability outcomes.

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The depth and breadth of the Explorys data enable us to conduct high-quality scientific research at a fraction of the cost of using clinical trial data.

Eros Papademetriou, Health Economics and Outcomes Research Engagement Manager,
SmartAnalyst Inc.

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