Case study: AHMC Healthcare

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider, Stories

AHMC Healthcare used IBM CareDiscovery® to uncover opportunities to improve sepsis compliance, which ultimately led to a higher level of care. more

Health Quest Medical Practice – patient outreach

Written by Watson Health | Provider

Hear members of the Health Quest Medical Practice team explain how they use IBM Watson Health solutions to close care gaps and target patient outreach. more

Research brief: Hospital-acquired conditions lead to avoidable cost and excess deaths

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Employer, Provider

It is critical that healthcare providers continue to rigorously track and report these conditions so clinical performance can be measured against hard data to chart improvement over time. more

IBM Watson Health taps hospital clinical data to improve sepsis care

Written by Watson Health | Data, Provider

DeKalb Medical and AHMC Healthcare leveraged data and clinical care team capabilities to make improvements in sepsis care. more

Do doctors fear AI? Not the hundreds I work with around the world

Written by Kyu Rhee | Artificial intelligence, Health plan, Provider

Headlines abound about doctors cowering from AI. The reality: not so much. I’m a physician, and don’t think that’s a realistic concern. Rather, I envision a future in which AI-enabled insights help health and medical experts deliver patient-centered, personalized, value-based care. The future is here. For those of us at IBM, we are augmenting experts’ more

When worlds collide: experiencing healthcare as a consumer

Written by Bobbi Coluni | Oncology & Genomics, Provider, Stories

Bobbi Coluni, offering management for the payer market at IBM Watson Health shares her personal experience with the complexity of navigating healthcare benefits. more

Watson Health success story: Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider

Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center analyzed data to tackle their #1 cause of readmissions: sepsis. more

Watson Health success story: AHMC Healthcare

Written by Watson Health | Provider, Stories

Jon Aquino, Corporate Chief Quality and Vice Compliance Officer at AHMC Healthcare shares his experience with using Watson Health solutions to support quality improvement efforts in the sepsis patient population. more

Driving toward value in healthcare: challenges, efforts and barriers

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider

In this infographic, we’ve summarized other findings from a survey of 300+ healthcare professionals who responded to describe the efforts they’re undertaking and the barriers they’re experiencing. more

Clearing the path to value – feedback from 300+ US providers

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider

This research brief includes highlights from a 2017 survey designed to seek opinions on the current climate for US healthcare executives. more

7 population health management strategies that reduce risk in performance-based contracts

Written by Maria Balderas, PhD | Data, Provider

As healthcare providers transition to value-based care models, PHM plays a critical role in financial risk arrangements with public and private payers. more

Discover “Discovery”

Written by Louisa Roberts | Artificial intelligence, Life Sciences, Provider

I have worked with various flavors of Watson in the last 4 years, and it has taught me a lot about the need to understand bias, both in data and the interpretation of it.  In the spirit of transparency, I will be honest about my own bias – my favorite Watson Health product is Watson more