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How well-trained, mature AI solutions can earn trust

Written by Arun Krishnan | Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Imaging

As AI solutions saturate the imaging market, healthcare providers are asking: which ones can we trust? To earn the trust of users, AI solutions should be both well-trained and mature. more

The epidemic of physician burnout

Written by Carrie DeVries | Artificial intelligence, Imaging, Provider

The startling rise of physician burnout rates across the healthcare industry has alarmed many experts who are concerned about the consequences for patients, physicians and organizations alike. more

Streamline your medical imaging operations

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging, Provider

Connecting with referrers and payers often involves a large amount of time and energy to deal with faxes, phone calls and paperwork to confirm clinical data or secure preauthorizations — all in an effort to head off claim denials. more

Image shuffling method for reading mammograms may help improve radiologists’ accuracy and speed

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging

There is a way of viewing mammograms that may help radiologists see the differences they might otherwise not easily see: a method known as image shuffling. more

When health data is under threat

Written by Kathleen Schroeder | Artificial intelligence, Data, Imaging

Healthcare organizations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever due to factors, including lack of full-time IT security experts and legacy systems. more

Technology and strategy are a winning combination

Written by Shannon Reilly | Artificial intelligence, Imaging, Stories

Radiology Associates of San Luis Obispo took a two-pronged approach to adjust the way they operated and turned the business around, which led to both financial gains and happier radiologists. more

Three things to know about IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging

Watson Health plans to debut its newest AI-powered solution, IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, which displays relevant patient data in a single-screen view for the radiologist. more

Consolidation is coming: Is your organization ready?

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging

Half of chief financial officers and other top executives from mostly middle-market healthcare companies said they plan to buy or merge with existing businesses in the next year. more

6 ways a VNA can reduce imaging costs

Written by Kathleen Schroeder | Artificial intelligence, Imaging

Data from the American College of Radiology indicates that diagnostic imaging accounts for 10 percent ($100 billion) of total annual healthcare costs. more

Hardin Memorial Health debuts new AI solution for radiologists

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging, Stories

After becoming the first client to “go live” with IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, the radiologists at Hardin Memorial Health can now use the power of AI to help them find relevant patient information quickly and easily. more

VNA as the foundation for enterprise imaging, image sharing, and collaboration

Written by John Hansen | Imaging

This is the conclusion of a 4-part blog series covering the value of a vendor neutral archive (VNA). In case you missed the first three parts of the series, read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here. Enterprise imaging and encounters-based imaging bring imaging workflows into any service line which generates any form of images, multimedia, or ‘unstructured more

Three challenges cardiology practices face in a value-based world

Written by Watson Health | Data, Government, Imaging...

As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based payment models, cardiology care providers, like other providers, are faced with a directive to reduce costs while meeting or exceeding quality metrics. more