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VNA as the Foundation for Enterprise Imaging, Image Sharing, and Collaboration

This is the conclusion of a 4-part blog series covering the value of a vendor neutral archive (VNA). In case you missed the first three parts of the series, read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here. Enterprise imaging and encounters-based imaging bring imaging workflows into any service line which generates any form of images, multimedia, or ‘unstructured […]

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Consolidation is coming: Is your organization ready?

Deciding to put an addition on your home can be very exciting. Perhaps you’ll finally have a garage or a larger master bedroom — or maybe even a second floor. But the larger the addition, the more complicated it gets. You have to consider how to integrate the new space with your existing home, and […]

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Helping clinicians advance patient-centric cancer care

Our oncology and genomics solutions help surface relevant data, bridge disparate sources of information, and identify treatments that are personalized to each unique patient.


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Three challenges cardiology practices face in a value-based world

As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based payment models, cardiology care providers, like other providers, are faced with a directive to reduce costs while meeting or exceeding quality metrics.

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The Role of Imaging in Patient Satisfaction

  Where Are We Today? Imagine this scenario: At 2 a.m., a community hospital receives a patient with a head injury related to a motor vehicle accident. The hospital performs a CT scan on the patient, but does not have a neuroradiologist available and needs specialty advice. Following the potential patient transfer protocol, the ED […]

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Connecting Medical Imaging with Patient History through Cognitive Computing

Radiologists spend just one third of their time on image interpretation. For the majority of the day they are either supervising studies, performing image-guided procedures, teaching, in meetings, consulting with physicians, or directly caring for patients. Their work day is dynamic and full of interruptions, making effectiveness in the reading room an ongoing challenge. Being efficient […]

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The Importance of Disaster Recovery in Healthcare

Why is disaster recovery important in healthcare? Because patient lives depend on it. Although this answer may seem simple, healthcare organizations often overlook the importance of planning for the worst. The reality is that patients’ lives depend on healthcare data being available to their doctors. Lack of access to that information – because of a […]

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One Billion Images in the Cloud: A Merge Milestone

One billion images in the cloud. It’s a milestone that’s difficult to envision but easy to take pride in. Merge recently hit this mark – with over 100 clients – securely storing a billion images in our iConnect® Cloud Archive. And while milestones can mean different things to different people (and organizations), at Merge, this […]

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When Change Brings Opportunity: A Merge Cardio Case Study

The 2013 merger between Edward Hospital & Health Services and Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare created one of the largest health systems in Illinois. As is often the case with this type of amalgamation, executives of the newly named Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare faced numerous integration challenges and had to determine the best way to maximize each organization’s strengths. […]

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Imaging IT Implementation 101: A Common Sense Guide to Implementing Imaging Information Technology

The successful implementation of imaging IT in a clinical environment involves many stakeholders, clinical and technical considerations, and end-users. Discover the 10 essential steps to imaging IT implementation and long-term success. To read the rest of this eBook, please register. Download the eBook

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Healthcare Professionals Discuss IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review

IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review is the first cognitive solution from Watson Health’s medical imaging business. To understand customer perceptions of Watson Imaging Clinical Review, we asked a select few members of the Watson Health Medical Imaging Collaborative to put it under the microscope. Over a total of 22 hours, we met with 38 professionals […]

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Introducing IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review

The first cognitive solution from Watson Health’s medical imaging business, IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review, is generally available to healthcare providers as of today.

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Watson Health at HIMSS 17: Anne Le Grand

At the 2017 HIMSS Conference hear from IBM’s Anne Le Grand, General Manager of Watson Health Imaging, on the exciting things happening in the world of cognitive computing, imaging, and  healthcare.

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