Healthcare Data Analytics

Technology’s Role Improving Health for All

Written by Byron Scott | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

The promise of technologies, devices, and solutions have to improve healthcare, and perhaps more importantly, health outcomes is what is exciting more

How IHMI is Changing Health Care Delivery

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Cognitive Computing, Healthcare Data Analytics

A Q&A with James Madara, MD, CEO, American Medical Association on how health care delivery will be changing through an integrated-data approach model with IHMI. more

Measuring the potential impact of a new palliative care service line

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics, Life Sciences

Recent studies had pointed to the implementation of palliative care as a way to improve patient care and lower mortality rates. So to test the theory in their own environment, Carson Tahoe Health decided to roll out an inpatient care protocol in which hospitalists refer patients with end-of-life issues to a palliative care physician. more

Four Analytic Trends for Health Plans in 2017

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, health plans are recognizing the value of leveraging their vast data warehouses to help define their business models. more

Health Plans: Choose Your Initial Validation Audit Vendor Wisely

Written by Anita Nair-Hartman and | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

For health plans, the time to select an initial validation audit (IVA) vendor is drawing near. Selecting a qualified vendor should be a thoughtful and informed process. more

The Effects of Telecommuting Intensity on Employee Health

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Care Management, Employment...

The number of employees who take advantage of telecommuting has increased substantially in recent years - especially with the improvements in technology and the increasing demand for more flexible work schedules. more

Health Economist Jane Sarasohn-Kahn at HIMSS 17

Written by Watson Health | Healthcare Data Analytics, Video

Listen to Health Economist Jane Sarasohn-Kahn’s take on the future of artificial intelligence, consumer directed healthcare, and the importance of efficiently using clinical data at the 2017 HIMSS conference. more

Watson Health at HIMSS 17: Tina Moen

Written by Watson Health | Healthcare Data Analytics, Video

At the 2017 HIMSS Conference hear from IBM’s Tina Moen, Deputy Chief Health Officer of Watson Health, on the exciting things happening in the world of cognitive computing and healthcare. more

The EDGE Server Data Submission Requirement Is Alive and Well. How Is Your Process?

Written by Bryan Briegel and Anita Nair-Hartman | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Although the future is always uncertain, there are ongoing, complex reporting requirements we know health plans must meet in 2017. more

Evidence That Telecommuting May Improve Employee Health

Written by Rachel Henke | Blog Post, Employment, Government...

More people than ever work from home one or more days a week. The practice of telecommuting has taken the business world by storm. more

Risk of Hospitalization

Written by Therese Gorski | Blog Post, Government, Healthcare Data Analytics...

Risk of hospitalization or admission models have become more targeted, more personal and seemingly more prevalent. more

Truven Health Risk Model Ranks High in Actuarial Evaluation

Written by John Azzolini | Blog Post, Care Management, Employment...

Healthcare payers today are facing the complexities of reform, increased competition, and budget constraints — all while dealing with pressures to reduce costs and improve member health. more