The state of telehealth, and its role in the fight against opioid use disorder

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Government

Telehealth is ready to take center stage. Telehealth is in the fight against opioid use disorder. But are consumers and healthcare providers ready to start giving and receiving care via their computers and smartphones, and are private health plans ready to pay for it? Based on recent media reports tracking sentiment toward the technology, telehealth is definitely on an upward trend more

Telehealth emerges as critical weapon for public health officials combating the opioid epidemic

Written by Peggy O'Brien | Analytics, Government, Life Sciences

This past October, the U.S. passed a package of bills focused on confronting the nation’s opioid epidemic. Collectively known as the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act[1], the legislation contains a number of legal and regulatory tweaks designed to make addiction treatment more accessible. Among them is a new focus on telehealth, which will make more

How hospitals can identify areas for improvement by merging clinical and operational data

Written by Fiona McNaughton | Data, Government, Provider

The pressure to deliver high quality care at an affordable cost is here to stay. Whether a provider is in a fee-for-service or value-based environment, or straddling both, the relationship between cost and quality is now intimately linked. more

Providers weigh the impact of value-based payment models on population health

Written by David Jackson | Government, Provider

To get some insight into how providers are handling the transition and how it has influenced their population health strategies, the HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit, in conjunction with IBM Watson Health, conducted the 2018 Population Health Survey. more

From automated to comprehensive: What child welfare organizations need to succeed

Written by Watson Health | Government, Life Sciences

Of all the programs and services regulated, administered or delivered by government, there are arguably none more important than the delivery of child welfare services: child protection, foster care and adoption. more

15 Top Health Systems – Quantifying ‘System-ness’

Written by Jean Chenoweth | Analytics, Government, Provider

Just as travelers know what to expect from a well-known hotel chain regardless of city and can depend on consistent taste of a latte at their favorite coffee shop franchise, patients and families should – at some point – expect consistency at branded hospitals within a health system. more

Performance management insights may help encourage physician support of value-based care models

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Government, Provider

Technology can aggregate, normalize and curate data in near-real time, so that reliable, actionable information can be delivered to physicians for timelier feedback — when they can still impact care. more

Good design is good business in government: design partnership with the New York City Department of Social Services

Written by Watson Health | Government

IBM is tackling the most difficult challenges facing our customers, applying human-centered design and agile development practices across our products and services, allowing us to greatly enhance the value we provide to our customers and their clients. more

Three challenges cardiology practices face in a value-based world

Written by Watson Health | Data, Government, Imaging...

As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based payment models, cardiology care providers, like other providers, are faced with a directive to reduce costs while meeting or exceeding quality metrics. more

Value-Based Care: the anchor of population health

Written by Watson Health | Government, Provider

View this webinar replay to hear from Dr. David Nash, dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health, on key trends for 2018 and how systems can position themselves for success in this new environment. more

Improving care delivery with timely data

Written by Watson Health | Government, Provider, Stories

Kowsilliya Ramnaresh, PhD, Assistant Vice President, Practice Transformation at Health Quest Medical Practice, shares valuable insights on the steps the organization has taken to speed its transition to value-based care. more

Helping Montgomery County Juvenile Court improve efficiencies and outcomes

Written by Watson Health | Government, Stories

Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Juvenile Court is a division of the Montgomery County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas. In addition to two judges and nine magistrates, the court employs bailiffs, court reporters, judicial technicians and a large administrative staff. The court receives almost 16,000 referrals a year.  They serve 120 youth per week in more