Transforming government health and human services programs to better the lives of vulnerable populations.

Policies for the digital era

Written by Jillian Scalvini and Lindsey Phelps | Analytics, Government

As health and human services undergo a digital transformation, policymaking must also modernize. Clear, current and discoverable policies can help today’s program integrity investigators fight fraud, waste, and abuse more

Deflating results of major study point to better ways to cut health care waste

Written by Austin Frakt | Government

Covering a study that addresses major healthcare waste and making "super-utilizers" healthier. more

The huge amount of waste in the US health system

Written by Austin Frakt | Data, Government

Fraud, waste and abuse is a huge problem facing governments. A recent study came out from JAMA outlining some of the key factors going into government wasteful spending. more

A smarter fight against fraud

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Data, Government

This article defines the issue with fraud, waste & abuse, and highlights one of the key algorithms that workers use to decrease wasted funding in government health spending. more

Creating human centered design

Written by Emily O'Neill | Analytics, Data, Government

IBM's development culture has grown to embrace IBM Design Thinking. The data-driven steps we’ve taken with Design Thinking have helped us provide better products and services to our clients. more

Program integrity’s changing workforce sparks new approaches to policy knowledge

Written by Mark Gillespie | Artificial intelligence, Data, Government

As retirements increase, state agencies apply technology to enable fraud, waste and abuse investigators to spend less time on manual policy research more

How governments are driving digital innovation in health and human services

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Government

IBM Watson Health was recently featured on the podcast FCW Expert Voices in a discussion about how governments are using technology and data to transform health and human services. more

Convergence of government, payers and providers to solve the opioid epidemic

Written by Mike Chamberlain | Data, Government

If you had unlimited funding and authority, what would you do to fix the opioid epidemic? more

Opioid epidemic: Weighing alternatives for pain management

Written by Lisa Latts | Analytics, Government, Health plan

In weighing the risks and costs of pain management treatment plans, it is important to understand the burden of opioid misuse and abuse. more

Five challenges that keep governments from delivering great digital experiences

Written by David Farrell | Data, Government

We have to face facts: There’s a global crisis when it comes to public trust in government. more

How to overcome barriers to government data sharing

Written by Christopher Bean | Data, Government

Data barriers create barriers to care. Research has indicated that inter-agency data sharing can lead to better outcomes for people who receive government services and benefits, yet there are several barriers that make government interoperability difficult to achieve. more

Leading the way: female health leaders drive adoption of AI

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Government, Provider

Female leaders across the health industry were applauded for their ability to integrate AI into their organizations, reinforcing the potential of AI to help tackle their most pressing challenges. more