Convergence of government, payers and providers to solve the opioid epidemic

Written by Mike Chamberlain | Data, Government

If you had unlimited funding and authority, what would you do to fix the opioid epidemic? more

Opioid epidemic: Weighing alternatives for pain management

Written by Lisa Latts | Analytics, Government, Health plan

In weighing the risks and costs of pain management treatment plans, it is important to understand the burden of opioid misuse and abuse. more

Five challenges that keep governments from delivering great digital experiences

Written by David Farrell | Data, Government

We have to face facts: There’s a global crisis when it comes to public trust in government. more

How to overcome barriers to government data sharing

Written by Christopher Bean | Data, Government

Data barriers create barriers to care. Research has indicated that inter-agency data sharing can lead to better outcomes for people who receive government services and benefits, yet there are several barriers that make government interoperability difficult to achieve. more

Leading the way: female health leaders drive adoption of AI

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Government, Provider

Female leaders across the health industry were applauded for their ability to integrate AI into their organizations, reinforcing the potential of AI to help tackle their most pressing challenges. more

Three child welfare challenges that technology could solve

Written by Watson Health | Data, Government

Few government responsibilities are more important than keeping children safe and protecting their well-being. more

Can AI and technologies help improve health, social care and social security services delivery?

Written by Dr. Hector Upegui | Artificial intelligence, Government, Provider...

We are witnessing the increasing shift from chronic to complex disease, acute to chronic care needs and the absolute requirement for coordinated primary, secondary and community care. more

IBM Child Welfare Solution as a Service – A game changer!

Written by Watson Health | Cloud, Government

Building a new child welfare application is complex. There are many processes needed to keep a child safe and provide the right resources to help support the family. Getting this right for the case workers is key in order for a project to be a success and provide a solution that supports the needs of more

The state of telehealth, and its role in the fight against opioid use disorder

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Government

Telehealth is ready to take center stage. Telehealth is in the fight against opioid use disorder. But are consumers and healthcare providers ready to start giving and receiving care via their computers and smartphones, and are private health plans ready to pay for it? Based on recent media reports tracking sentiment toward the technology, telehealth is definitely on an upward trend more

Telehealth emerges as critical weapon for public health officials combating the opioid epidemic

Written by Peggy O'Brien | Analytics, Government, Life Sciences

This past October, the U.S. passed a package of bills focused on confronting the nation’s opioid epidemic. Collectively known as the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act[1], the legislation contains a number of legal and regulatory tweaks designed to make addiction treatment more accessible. Among them is a new focus on telehealth, which will make more

How hospitals can identify areas for improvement by merging clinical and operational data

Written by Fiona McNaughton | Data, Government, Provider

The pressure to deliver high quality care at an affordable cost is here to stay. Whether a provider is in a fee-for-service or value-based environment, or straddling both, the relationship between cost and quality is now intimately linked. more

Providers weigh the impact of value-based payment models on population health

Written by David Jackson | Government, Provider

To get some insight into how providers are handling the transition and how it has influenced their population health strategies, the HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit, in conjunction with IBM Watson Health, conducted the 2018 Population Health Survey. more