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Insights for employers addressing the global mental health crisis

Written by Chris DeStasio and Mindy Reynolds | Analytics, Employer

In the face of a global mental health crisis, benefit management leaders are asking: How can data and technology can help employers address mental health needs? ...read more

In the U.S., an angioplasty costs $32,000. elsewhere? maybe $6,400.

Written by Margot Sanger-Katz | Employer, Health plan, Provider

Why does health care cost so much more in the United States than in other countries? As health economists love to say: “It’s the prices, stupid.” ...read more

The rise of consumer experience in healthcare

Written by Stewart Sill | Employer, Provider

Responding to healthcare consumer trends may seem daunting, but there are some fundamental places to begin. ...read more

How should we measure success for wellness programs?

Written by Anita Nair-Hartman | Analytics, Employer

A long-term view of wellness challenges all of us to think more broadly, beyond physical health to financial and mental health, too. It’s time to evolve how we measure impact ...read more

How to tackle five common employer benefits challenges

Written by Watson Health | Data, Employer

While managing and providing adequate health benefits is important for employers, it can also be one of the biggest investments. Developing a strategy that is both impactful and cost-effective is a balancing act. ...read more

How to drive smarter benefits programs

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Employer

Human resource (HR) professionals are often tasked with finding out how to deliver smarter benefits programs. ...read more

Healthcare consumers ask: How much will this cost me?

Written by Bobbi Coluni | Analytics, Employer, Health plan

Providers, health plans, employers and government are all part of the price transparency equation. ...read more

Research brief: Hospital-acquired conditions lead to avoidable cost and excess deaths

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Employer, Provider

It is critical that healthcare providers continue to rigorously track and report these conditions so clinical performance can be measured against hard data to chart improvement over time. ...read more

When do outcomes-based contracts make sense? The payer perspective

Written by Watson Health | Data, Employer, Health plan...

In this opinion brief, Truven Health shares the US payer perspective on outcomes-based contracts — what it will take to make these innovative contracts meaningful, sustainable and scalable. ...read more

How cognitive computing can help predict diabetes risk

Written by Peter Bouman, PhD | Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Data...

What if there were a way for analytics to predict which patients are at higher risk of developing diabetes that could help physicians possibly intervene to prevent it? ...read more