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The huge amount of waste in the US health system

Written by Austin Frakt | Data, Government

Fraud, waste and abuse is a huge problem facing governments. A recent study came out from JAMA outlining some of the key factors going into government wasteful spending. more

How automation helped engage patients, close gaps in care

Written by William Kassler | Data, Provider, Stories

Using IBM Phytel Outreach, Loudoun Medical Group delivered targeted outreach and exceeded value-based care quality metrics. more

A smarter fight against fraud

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Data, Government

This article defines the issue with fraud, waste & abuse, and highlights one of the key algorithms that workers use to decrease wasted funding in government health spending. more

Creating human centered design

Written by Emily O'Neill | Analytics, Data, Government

IBM's development culture has grown to embrace IBM Design Thinking. The data-driven steps we’ve taken with Design Thinking have helped us provide better products and services to our clients. more

Program integrity’s changing workforce sparks new approaches to policy knowledge

Written by Mark Gillespie | Artificial intelligence, Data, Government

As retirements increase, state agencies apply technology to enable fraud, waste and abuse investigators to spend less time on manual policy research more

What technologies are needed for success with price transparency?

Written by Anil Jain | Data, Health plan, Provider

Since the White House released an executive order to help improve price transparency for healthcare consumers, industry leaders have been discussing and preparing for the final rule. This post is the first in a three-part series sharing insights from an executive panel. more

What are some of the potentially unintended consequences of price transparency the industry should avoid?

Written by Anil Jain | Data, Health plan, Provider

Leaders from across the healthcare industry share insights about price transparency. more

What challenges does the healthcare industry face with price transparency?

Written by Anil Jain | Data, Health plan, Provider

Providers, health plans and employers are evaluating their plans and preparing to deliver more price information to healthcare consumers and help address the challenges ahead. more

IBM Watson Health announces the IBM FHIR® Server to enhance health data interoperability

Written by Richard Williams | Analytics, Cloud, Data

The IBM FHIR® Server is an open source Java implementation of the HL7 FHIR® R4 specification that has passed the AEGIS Touchstone “basic” test suite for FHIR R4 with 100 percent conformance. more

Examining health disparities in precision medicine

Written by Irene Dankwa-Mullan, MD, MPH | Artificial intelligence, Data

There should be diversity in voices and experience that come to the table to promote fairness and minimize bias for the future of precision medicine and healthcare. more

Convergence of government, payers and providers to solve the opioid epidemic

Written by Mike Chamberlain | Data, Government

If you had unlimited funding and authority, what would you do to fix the opioid epidemic? more

Three ways to run a more efficient drug trial

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

Focusing on drug trial efficiency can go a long way towards cutting costs and reducing the impact of trial failures and delays on the bottom line. more