Examining health disparities in precision medicine

Written by Irene Dankwa-Mullan, MD, MPH | Artificial intelligence, Data

There should be diversity in voices and experience that come to the table to promote fairness and minimize bias for the future of precision medicine and healthcare. more

Convergence of government, payers and providers to solve the opioid epidemic

Written by Mike Chamberlain | Data, Government

If you had unlimited funding and authority, what would you do to fix the opioid epidemic? more

Three ways to run a more efficient drug trial

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

Focusing on drug trial efficiency can go a long way towards cutting costs and reducing the impact of trial failures and delays on the bottom line. more

Data: friend, foe or both? How life sciences leaders can benefit from data proliferation

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

Companies could benefit from using the wealth of intelligence to optimize the product development and commercialization process, if they can quickly access information when and where it’s needed most. more

Maximize your drug’s potential with data

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

From the earliest stages of discovery through treatment delivery, analytics and insights have the potential to inform and enhance every stage of the drug development and commercialization process. more

Clinical trials don’t fail fast enough

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Data, Life Sciences

The roughly $2.6 billion spent on developing one new drug reflects the fully capitalized costs of studying compounds that ultimately fail to reach the market. more

Five challenges that keep governments from delivering great digital experiences

Written by David Farrell | Data, Government

We have to face facts: There’s a global crisis when it comes to public trust in government. more

Applauding Interoperability Improvements

Written by Anil Jain | Cloud, Data, Life Sciences

At IBM, we strongly believe that all citizens have a right to improved information flow between the various clinicians they see. more

When health data is under threat

Written by Kathleen Schroeder | Artificial intelligence, Data, Imaging

Healthcare organizations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever due to factors, including lack of full-time IT security experts and legacy systems. more

How to prepare for the next chapter of enterprise analytics

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Data, Health plan

Today’s evolving healthcare marketplace is demanding business model transformation and new operational processes. This shift is forcing healthcare payers to consider info-centric strategies and more. more

How consumers are creating new imperatives for payers

Written by Watson Health | Data, Health plan

Challenges in today’s healthcare environment are driving change in the payer business model and operational processes. Many health plans struggle to improve member experience while reducing costs. more

How to tackle five common employer benefits challenges

Written by Watson Health | Data, Employer

While managing and providing adequate health benefits is important for employers, it can also be one of the biggest investments. Developing a strategy that is both impactful and cost-effective is a balancing act. more