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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+): Breaking Down the Five Functions

Written by Donna Daniel and Cathi Burkham, RN, MSN | Blog Post, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), MACRA/MIPS...

CMS used feedback and analysis of the original CPC initiative to create the CPC+ Theory of Action and Driver Diagram (CPC initiative). In addition to serving as the logic model for value-based transformation, this diagram outlines the five core functions that will be the roadmap toward a whole-person, patient-centered, comprehensive primary care delivery model. more

Navigating MIPS: What you need to know about the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System

Written by Donna Daniel and Maria Baldaras | Blog Post, MACRA/MIPS, Value-Based Care

If a proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is finalized, as expected in early November, this coming New Year’s Day will also mark the first day of the reporting period for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). more

How We Incorporated Behavioral Health into Primary Care

Written by Katherine Rowland and Monica Newton, DO | Blog Post, Patient Engagement

Northeast Georgia Physicians Group realized it needed to incorporate behavioral health into primary care when it began its Patient-Centered Medical Home journey, which included a heavy emphasis on managing care for patients with complex behavioral health needs. To do so, its model was to target patients with poorly controlled chronic conditions and a mental health diagnosis. more

CPC+: Is Your Practice Eligible?

Written by Cathi Burkham | Blog Post, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), MACRA/MIPS...

Many healthcare organizations have questions about the CPC+ program, and practices must submit their applications to participate by September 15, 2016, so this post is the first of a three-part series dedicated to understanding CPC+. more

Gaining Patient Acceptance of Automated Engagement Tactics – Simple Steps, Big Impact

Written by Martha Sunkenberg | Blog Post, Patient Engagement

When Bassett Healthcare decided to employ automated patient outreach, it feared its patients would react negatively and reflect this experience in negative ratings about their care at Bassett overall. But by taking a few, purposeful steps, it was able to make automation a success, enhancing patient engagement and increasing the number of care gaps closed. more

Interoperability: What ACOs Need

Written by Anil Jain | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

Despite their investments in health IT, more than two-thirds of ACOs are having a hard time assimilating information from specialty-care settings. Learn what can ACOs and their leaders can do as they work to make interoperability a reality. more

The 5 Vs of Big Data

Written by Anil Jain | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Read on to discover how the characteristics of big data are relevant to healthcare organizations in particular. more

The Five Key Components of ACO Analytics

Written by John Azzolini | Blog Post, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), Employment...

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) were created to provide financial incentives for providers to control costs and improve the quality of care. As they continue to advance, it is important for both providers and payers to ensure that risk is being appropriately shared between the two. more

How Ready Are You for Value Based Payments?

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Employment, Healthcare Data Analytics

There is a great deal of discussion and analysis about the shift to value based care as healthcare payers – employers and health plans -- contemplate new models of care. more

The Five Building Blocks for Creating a CIN

Written by Jacqueline Matthews | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

While clinically integrated networks are becoming more popular, they can also be difficult to get off the ground. Learn five critical steps your organization should consider if you plan to build a CIN. more

How to Make your Healthcare Data Truly Actionable

Written by Joan Ming | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Many organizations still struggle to assess what is usable or actionable from their growing volume of data. Learn strategies to ensure your reporting tools help you make your data “actionable”. more

What Watson Health’s Latest Acquisition Means for Population Health

Written by Anil Jain | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Watson Health was designed to serve as a catalyst to help clinicians improve and save lives of people around the world, and help lower health costs through the power of cognitive insights. Find out what the addition of Truven Health Analytics brings to Watson Health. more