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The 5 Vs of Big Data

Written by Anil Jain | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Read on to discover how the characteristics of big data are relevant to healthcare organizations in particular. more

The Five Key Components of ACO Analytics

Written by John Azzolini | Blog Post, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), Employment...

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) were created to provide financial incentives for providers to control costs and improve the quality of care. As they continue to advance, it is important for both providers and payers to ensure that risk is being appropriately shared between the two. more

How Ready Are You for Value Based Payments?

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Employment, Healthcare Data Analytics

There is a great deal of discussion and analysis about the shift to value based care as healthcare payers – employers and health plans -- contemplate new models of care. more

The Five Building Blocks for Creating a CIN

Written by Jacqueline Matthews | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

While clinically integrated networks are becoming more popular, they can also be difficult to get off the ground. Learn five critical steps your organization should consider if you plan to build a CIN. more

How to Make your Healthcare Data Truly Actionable

Written by Joan Ming | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Many organizations still struggle to assess what is usable or actionable from their growing volume of data. Learn strategies to ensure your reporting tools help you make your data “actionable”. more

What Watson Health’s Latest Acquisition Means for Population Health

Written by Anil Jain | Blog Post, Healthcare Data Analytics

Watson Health was designed to serve as a catalyst to help clinicians improve and save lives of people around the world, and help lower health costs through the power of cognitive insights. Find out what the addition of Truven Health Analytics brings to Watson Health. more

Reflections from Visits to Three Manufacturers that Built Cultures of Health

Written by Ron Goetzel | Blog Post, Employment

As jobs continue to be outsourced, employers seek workers who have the skills and “know-how” to run complex manufacturing processes. They also seek workers who are “present” and engaged in their jobs, both physically and emotionally. more

Employees as “Family”

Written by Ron Goetzel | Blog Post, Employment

Workers are not simply employees of the firm; they are part of a large family and therefore need to be treated with respect and dignity. more

Creating Cultures of Health in Small Manufacturing Companies

Written by Ron Goetzel | Blog Post, Employment

The conventional wisdom holds that large employers (those with many resources and large staff) can readily put workplace health promotion programs in place, but small employers, especially manufacturing companies, have a hard time doing so. more