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Does your quality performance measurement give you the full picture? It may be time to expand your metrics.

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

Atlanta-based DeKalb Medical knew there were still areas of operational and clinical performance that could be improved — they just needed help pinpointing opportunities. more

Insights and Innovations: Top 10 Value-Based Care Posts of 2017

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

As 2017 comes to an end, we’ve compiled the top 10 most popular value-based care posts for the year on Watson Health Perspectives, based on reader interest. more

Using an EHR for Population Health: What’s missing?

Written by Anil Jain | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

Building the right IT infrastructure is often the first step in developing population health management programs. While EHRs can provide a basic foundation, to truly understand the whole patient and the whole population, organizations must supplement their EHRs with the right IT solutions. more

Are you able to assess the impact of an employee health program when data is stored in multiple, diverse systems? Whirlpool did.

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

Comprehensive analytics enabled Whirlpool to look at the outcomes of an employee health program from a number of angles and organize results to support decisions about the future of the program. more

Four ways to help your employees find their best-fit benefit plan and potentially reduce out-of-pocket expenses

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

As open enrollment periods are coming to an end, it may be a good time to evaluate how you can help your employees make better, more personalized decisions about their healthcare coverage to get the best-fit plans for their situations next year. more

Watson for Drug Discovery Identifies Proteins Associated with Cardiovascular Disease

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Drug Discovery, Life Sciences

Heart attack and stroke are 2 of the top 10 causes of death worldwide. Identifying the proteins involved in each of them is the beginning of a journey to understanding how these diseases develop. In a novel experiment presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions on November 12, 2017, and published in a supplement more

Leveraging Data and Analytics to Achieve MACRA Peer Performance Benchmarks

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

IBM Watson Health’s Senior Program Director, Clinical Quality Research, Donna Daniel, PhD, explores the role that data and analytics will play in achieving MACRA peer performance benchmarks. more

50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals Study: Illuminating Leadership Excellence

Written by Jean Chenoweth | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

Now in its 19th year, the just-released 2018 Watson Health 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals study recognizes heart care providers that have achieved outstanding performance on a balance scorecard comprising clinical, operational and financial metrics. more

How Cognitive Computing Can Help Predict Diabetes Risk

Written by Peter Bouman, PhD | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

What if there were a way for analytics to predict which patients are at higher risk of developing diabetes that could help physicians possibly intervene to prevent it? more

The Continued Pursuit of Value in Healthcare

Written by Watson Health | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

In a recent Modern Healthcare piece, Mike Boswood, general manager of Value-Based Care for IBM Watson Health and president and CEO of Truven Health Analytics, shares a unique and informed perspective on the continued pursuit of value in U.S. healthcare more

Let’s Talk About the Next Generation of Predictive Analytics: Cognitive Computing

Written by Jason Gilder, PhD | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

Predictive analytics models have long been an asset in the healthcare industry thanks to the ability to forecast future events, risk and utilization. Their predictive power will continue to grow as they incorporate advanced technologies such as cognitive computing. more

The Importance of Risk Adjustment in Predictive Analytics

Written by Jason Gilder, PhD | Blog Post, Value-Based Care

The ability to identify and mitigate risk is a key component of effective value-based healthcare. This blog post explains how predictive analytics models can use past quality metrics reporting to help forecast future risk. more