3 Ways Cognitive Computing Could Aid Value-Based Care

Written by Watson Health | Article, Care Management, Cognitive Computing

In this article, review key areas where cognitive computing could support care management efforts, including providing highly tailored insights about individual patients across an entire population, and helping providers more effectively address social determinants of health. more

Succeeding in CMS’ new quality payment program: A Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) toolkit

Written by Watson Health | Article, MACRA/MIPS

Watson Health offers several population health solutions, clinical integration platforms, care management solutions and other tools to help clinicians increase reimbursement under the MIPS model, all while bringing more value for all your patients, not just your Medicare beneficiaries. Read this toolkit to learn how IBM Watson Health solutions align to support MIPS. more

Incorporating Social Determinants into Population Health Management

Written by Watson Health | Article, Value-Based Care

In this article from HFM, Karen Handmaker, MPP, global leader of population health strategy at IBM Watson Health, discusses four ways organizations can address this critical concern. more

Interoperability: A Common Challenge for Population Health

Written by Watson Health | Article, Value-Based Care

Although health care providers are making great progress in their push toward coordinated value-based care, interoperability among information systems remains challenging. In this article from H&HN Daily, Anil Jain, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Value-Based Care, IBM Watson Health, addresses the critical need for interoperability among providers and offers steps healthcare organizations can more

Watson Health Imaging Overview

Written by Watson Health | Article, Imaging

The role of medical imaging in global health systems is literally fundamental. Like labs, medical images are used at one point or another in almost every high cost, high value episode of care. Echocardiograms, CT scans, mammograms, and x-rays, for example, “atlas” the body and help chart a course forward for a patient’s care team. more

IBM Watson Health: Your IT partner for Comprehensive Primary Care Plus

Written by Watson Health | Article, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), MACRA/MIPS

As the CPC+ program requires the provision of claims-based cost and utilization data at the practice and patient-level, IBM Watson Health™ tools and solutions are primed to manage claims-based data and support opportunities for improving utilization. more

The 5 Areas to Target in Improving Population Health Management

Written by Watson Health | Article, Healthcare Data Analytics

Population health has the promise to deliver big results, but many providers are facing roadblocks along the way. In order to successfully engage in population health, providers should focus on five critical areas. more

Taming the Silent Killer

Written by Watson Health | Article, Patient Engagement

As every clinician knows, ensuring that chronically ill patients follow treatment regimens is difficult under any circumstances. It’s particularly challenging when the patient doesn’t feel sick. Such is the case with hypertension, popularly known as the “silent killer” because it has no obvious symptoms. more

Helping Value-based Care Delivery Pay for Itself

Written by Watson Health | Article, Value-Based Care

A Virginia medical group generated additional fee-for-service revenue through its population health management infrastructure by following a few important steps. more

Building a Value-Based Primary Care Network for Population Health

Written by Watson Health | Article, Value-Based Care

Read about the experiences of an Oklahoma clinic to understand how a carefully executed plan for population health management can help primary care physicians succeed in a world of value-based care. more

Population Health Done Three Ways

Written by Watson Health | Article, Healthcare Data Analytics, Patient Engagement

Hear healthcare leaders explain the technology, process and grit needed to manage the health of a population and improve patient care. more

A Journey to Value-Based Care: Putting Lean Six Sigma And Automation in Place

Written by Watson Health | Article, Patient Engagement

Utica Park Clinic examines its processes for managing patient populations, applies Lean principles to improve them, and then explores IT-driven automation to drive improvement. more