Intelligent analytics help enable better oncology performance

Written by Cynthia Burghard and Marie Fearnley, IDC Health Insights | Analytics, Oncology & Genomics

Guest bloggers from analyst firm IDC share their perspective on how technology can help address some of the challenges within oncology today. more

Research suggests link between hospital performance and telehealth adoption

Written by Donna Daniel and Ann Mond Johnson, ATA | Analytics, Provider

This data is part of the IBM Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals® 2019 study identifying the U.S. hospitals with the highest balanced performance. more

Clinical trials don’t fail fast enough

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Data, Life Sciences

The roughly $2.6 billion spent on developing one new drug reflects the fully capitalized costs of studying compounds that ultimately fail to reach the market. more

Opioid epidemic: Weighing alternatives for pain management

Written by Lisa Latts | Analytics, Government, Health plan

In weighing the risks and costs of pain management treatment plans, it is important to understand the burden of opioid misuse and abuse. more

How should we measure success for wellness programs?

Written by Anita Nair-Hartman | Analytics, Employer

A long-term view of wellness challenges all of us to think more broadly, beyond physical health to financial and mental health, too. It’s time to evolve how we measure impact more

How to prepare for the next chapter of enterprise analytics

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Data, Health plan

Today’s evolving healthcare marketplace is demanding business model transformation and new operational processes. This shift is forcing healthcare payers to consider info-centric strategies and more. more

Four ways health plans can put data and algorithms to work

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Health plan

Is your organization able to successfully connect disparate data sources and methods to drive business transformation and value? more

Healthcare consumers ask: How much will this cost me?

Written by Bobbi Coluni | Analytics, Employer, Health plan

Providers, health plans, employers and government are all part of the price transparency equation. more

Harnessing clinical and administrative data for hospital performance improvement

Written by Paul DeChant, MD, MBA | Analytics, Provider

Today’s advanced analytics have the power to help clinicians quickly isolate common patterns in their patient populations, so they can intervene sooner and more effectively. more

Methods to address and measure challenges

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider

Developing sound comparison standards is a critical part of the process to identify performance improvement opportunities in health systems, hospitals and departments. more

Identify data-driven opportunities

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Data, Provider

Administrators need to understand the current status of their health system’s performance as well as recognize emerging trends to accurately identify areas that are performing well or lagging. more

Making the Promise of Smarter Health a Reality

Written by Dr. John E. Kelly III | Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Cloud...

The true value of data flowing through physicians' offices and public health departments has gone untapped because it is unstructured and siloed in systems that don’t talk to one another. more