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Clearing the path to value – feedback from 300+ US providers

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider

This research brief includes highlights from a 2017 survey designed to seek opinions on the current climate for US healthcare executives. ...read more

“Connected health” designed for health

Written by Watson Health | Life Sciences

Over the years, the life sciences industry has been investing in capturing and analyzing patient health information. Specifically, companies have been creating digital health applications with the goal of improving treatment and care. ...read more

A patient-focused approach to strategic healthcare transformation

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Provider

In this webinar replay, Josh Berlin, managing partner at IBM Watson Health, moderates a discussion with members of his team about best practices in strategic healthcare transformation. ...read more

How health IT and artificial intelligence can help clinically integrated networks manage risk — and contract-based performance

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Health plan, Provider

With the right analytic insights, a CIN can not only stratify patients by risk, but also provide insights in near real-time about which areas of care delivery are costing the most and why, and what CINs can do about it. ...read more

In clinically integrated networks, artificial intelligence can help care managers focus on one patient at a time

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Provider

To help care managers optimize their patients’ care across the continuum, clinically integrated networks (CINs) in particular may be able to benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) technology. ...read more

Six ways health IT can support patient engagement in your clinically integrated network

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Data, Health plan...

At a time when revenues often depend on how fast and effectively organizations can identify and engage at-risk patients, it may be more important than ever for clinically integrated networks (CINs) to focus on closing gaps in care and preventing disease progression. That’s where health IT solutions can make a difference. ...read more

SmartAnalyst Inc. used IBM Explorys clinical data to improve how a company markets its medications

Written by Watson Health | Life Sciences, Stories

SmartAnalyst and the IBM® Watson Health™ team used the IBM Explorys® data set to study the journey of more than 6,500 real-life psoriasis patients. As a result, SmartAnalyst’s customer, a pharmaceutical company, is changing the way it communicates with patients and doctors. ...read more

Performance management insights may help encourage physician support of value-based care models

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Government, Provider

Technology can aggregate, normalize and curate data in near-real time, so that reliable, actionable information can be delivered to physicians for timelier feedback — when they can still impact care. ...read more

3 ways artificial intelligence can help payers achieve their goals

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Provider

Healthcare payers have the opportunity to get out front of customer desires now, by applying AI toward three common goals. ...read more

Generating insights with confidence – agile advanced analytics on longitudinal health records

Written by Watson Health | Life Sciences

This webinar replay reviews how the IBM Global Business Services (GBS) team generated actionable insights by applying machine learning on integrated EHRs (IBM Explorys clinical data set) and has thus helped life science companies tailor their business strategies and achieve research breakthroughs. ...read more

IT infrastructure: Bringing healthcare data together to unlock value in a clinically integrated network

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Data, Provider

Before the full promise of a clinically integrated network (CIN) can be realized, we believe it must have the appropriate health IT backbone — one that can ultimately enable network members to work together to improve quality and reduce costs. ...read more

For clinically integrated networks to succeed, what role does health IT play? A critical one.

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Data...

To succeed in most areas, we believe a CIN must fully embrace and plan for a critical organizational component — advanced health IT. ...read more