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A smarter fight against fraud

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Data, Government

This article defines the issue with fraud, waste & abuse, and highlights one of the key algorithms that workers use to decrease wasted funding in government health spending. ...read more

How governments are driving digital innovation in health and human services

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Government

IBM Watson Health was recently featured on the podcast FCW Expert Voices in a discussion about how governments are using technology and data to transform health and human services. ...read more

Clinical trial matching: the frustration of matching patients to cancer research begins with data issues — and can end with artificial intelligence

Written by Watson Health | Oncology & Genomics

If you work in oncology or cancer clinical trial coordination in the US, you already know the numbers don’t always work in your or your patients’ favor. ...read more

Forrester names IBM a leader in enterprise health cloud

Written by Watson Health | Cloud, Provider

Healthcare organizations face challenges as they move their workloads to cloud and incorporate data into their decision-making, including data integration, patient matching and risk stratification. In a recent evaluation, IBM has been named by Forrester as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3 2019.” ...read more

Three ways to run a more efficient drug trial

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

Focusing on drug trial efficiency can go a long way towards cutting costs and reducing the impact of trial failures and delays on the bottom line. ...read more

Data: friend, foe or both? How life sciences leaders can benefit from data proliferation

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

Companies could benefit from using the wealth of intelligence to optimize the product development and commercialization process, if they can quickly access information when and where it’s needed most. ...read more

Maximize your drug’s potential with data

Written by Watson Health | Data, Life Sciences

From the earliest stages of discovery through treatment delivery, analytics and insights have the potential to inform and enhance every stage of the drug development and commercialization process. ...read more

Clinical trials don’t fail fast enough

Written by Watson Health | Analytics, Data, Life Sciences

The roughly $2.6 billion spent on developing one new drug reflects the fully capitalized costs of studying compounds that ultimately fail to reach the market. ...read more

Streamline your medical imaging operations

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging, Provider

Connecting with referrers and payers often involves a large amount of time and energy to deal with faxes, phone calls and paperwork to confirm clinical data or secure preauthorizations — all in an effort to head off claim denials. ...read more

Image shuffling method for reading mammograms may help improve radiologists’ accuracy and speed

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Imaging

There is a way of viewing mammograms that may help radiologists see the differences they might otherwise not easily see: a method known as image shuffling. ...read more

No predictions needed

Written by Watson Health | Artificial intelligence, Oncology & Genomics

Experts have predicted that solutions featuring artificial intelligence would help oncology professionals in advancing research, improving clinical outcomes, and optimizing their operational processes ...read more

Transformation takes time, but you can’t wait

Written by Watson Health | Oncology & Genomics, Provider

Oncology professionals need to prepare for field advancements that will transform their work. However, transformation can take time and professionals are facing significant hurdles today. ...read more