Dr. Tina Moen has spent the last 19years in the healthcare information technology industry providing clinical leadership to colleagues and clients in the US and abroad. Dr. Moen serves as SeniorDeputy Chief Health Officer & Chief Pharmacy Officer within IBM.In this role, Tina leads a clinical team workingacross the business to provideclinical leadership and support for strategy and sales. Shealsoleads a Strategic Relations team responsible for engaging healthcare and business leaders in IBM led advisory councils, networks, and panels with the goal of fostering robust discussion and ideation for technology’s role and opportunity to advance health and healthcare around the globe. Prior to IBM, she wasVPof Client Strategy forHealth Language,part of Wolters Kluwer Health. In this role, she collaboratedwith clients to identify their terminology needs and worked to deliver a solution to "unlock" data and drive semantic interoperability across theenterprise. Previously, Tina worked at TruvenHealth Analytics in a variety of roles. She served as the VPof Provider Analytics, leading a team of data scientists and researchers responsible for creating/maintaining data and methodologies. AsChief Clinical Officer for the Truven Provider business, Tinawas responsible for clinical leadership for the business, ensuring clinical representation for internal and external conversations. Tina led and contributed to a team of clinicians responsible for communicatingthe value proposition of Micromedex Solutions in domestic and international markets. In addition, she led the Truven editorial staff, who are responsible for creating/maintaining content for evidence-based medicine solutions, including drug, disease, toxicology, patient education and surveillancesolutions. Prior to moving into the healthcare information technology industry, she worked as a clinical pharmacist in the areas of pediatrics, home healthcare, HIV, and organ transplantation. Dr. Moen’s clinical experience spans inpatient, outpatient, retail, and mail order specialty pharmacy practice settings.Dr. Moen received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Creighton University.