Dr. John E. Kelly III

Making the Promise of Smarter Health a Reality

Written by Dr. John E. Kelly III | AI, Care Management, Healthcare Data Analytics...

Improving health is the challenge of our era. No other facet of human existence has been so rich with science, technology and investment, yet so strained by complexity, convention and misinformation. It is only in the world of health that we can read about the second case of an apparent HIV cure[1] right alongside a ...read more

Watson Health: setting the record straight

Written by Dr. John E. Kelly III | AI, Oncology & Genomics

We at IBM have a lot to be proud of, including our pioneering work with Watson Health. Unfortunately, some media reports, including an August 11th story published by The Wall Street Journal, distort and ignore facts when suggesting IBM has not made “enough” progress on bringing the benefits of AI to healthcare. ...read more