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Health and Human Services: The cognitive systems awareness gap

Written by Ed Blatt | Blog Post, Cognitive Computing, Social Programs

I recently came across an article titled: “One in 10 social workers ‘would quit’ over stress.”  I’ve been working in the human services field for my entire 30+ year career, so the title didn’t really surprise me.  But it got me thinking.  Exactly how stressful is the job of social worker?  And that got me more

Government social programs need to embrace cognitive technologies

Written by Ed Blatt | Blog Post, Child Welfare, Cognitive Computing...

There are many examples of how technology has positively impacted, and in some instances transformed, the delivery of government social programs. Land line telephones are perhaps the oldest form of technology used to communicate with clients. But the Internet, email, telephone conferencing, video conferencing, mobile devices, and texting have transformed the way caseworkers communicate with more