Payer Strategy Lead

Consult the consumer

Written by Anita Nair-Hartman | Health plan, Provider

Today, providers and payers name each other as top collaborators. But consumers jump to the top of the list for both, when asked to predict top collaborators in three to five years, according to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). more

How should we measure success for wellness programs?

Written by Anita Nair-Hartman | Analytics, Employer

A long-term view of wellness challenges all of us to think more broadly, beyond physical health to financial and mental health, too. It’s time to evolve how we measure impact more

Three important changes to EDGE server reporting health plans need to know

Written by Bryan Briegel and Anita Nair-Hartman | Analytics

For all health plans that operate individual or small group plans – on or off the exchange - several significant shifts in EDGE server reporting are presenting both challenges and new opportunities. Below, we summarize the latest changes and what they could mean for your business. more