Cloud First: Has SaaS adoption reached a tipping point?

Recently, I had the honor of appearing on a live webcast moderated by Jeff Kaplan, recognized cloud analyst and founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace, and featuring Jeremie Davis, IS Director with Danone North America – the NA division of French-based Groupe Danone.  The fireside chat format made for a lively discussion on a number […]

Rethink Marketing: Creating a System of Customer Engagement

Marketers today are facing unprecedented levels of change in the way they do business. Customers have changed the ways they shop, connect with each other, and interact with the companies they do business with. However, dealing with change can be difficult. Many marketers are responding by simply doing more of what they’ve always been doing: […]

Strategies for a Successful Customer-Centric Business Model

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, no matter what your industry, connecting with customers is the key to success and long-term growth. But what does it really take to create exceptional customer experiences across every available touchpoint? Take a look at these five recommendations from industry leaders who are taking an integrated approach to commerce by […]

A Perfect Storm of Change

A perfect storm of business, economic and technical change is coming that impacts how businesses meet rapidly changing needs, drive cost from processes while accelerating responsiveness, and innovate to compete. According to IDC analyst Maureen Fleming, change is being motivated by the continued growth of new technologies and digital services. These new technologies and services […]

Information Week and Leading Author in Optimization Share Best Practices

Decision Optimization and Advanced Analytics can add so much business value that executive decision managers are integrating optimization and analytics across the extended enterprise.  The results are significant.  Consider: Marriott increased revenue in their first year of optimizing their group pricing by $46M and by $76M in year two, during a recession with overall industry […]

Mobile Marketing for Truly Customer-Centric Marketing

We all know how crucial mobile marketing is to today’s retailers. IBM’s Global CMO Study, as well as numerous analyst reports, have found that 79% of marketers run their mobile marketing in silos, discretely, and on an ad-hoc basis, rather than through integrated campaigns. Almost all marketers understand by now that mobile is a critical […]

Avoiding Marketing Blind Spots

The premise behind marketing software is simple enough: , “How can I orient my business around the customer?” rather than, “How I can get the customer to follow my lead?” In practice, however, executing against this premise is a daunting task for many marketing departments. If you use digital analytics, you may have discovered”blind spots,” […]

Gaining Insights into the Right Integration Strategy

This is a guest post from Chris Hayes. Last week, I announced the four panelists who will be joining me for the upcoming webcast,On Cloud, on Premise or a Hybrid Solution? IBM’s B2B and MFT Architects Weigh In. Cloud-based solutions promise greater agility, lower costs, and increased collaboration, but many organizations face technology barriers that keep them […]

On Cloud, on Premise or a Hybrid Solution? IBM’s B2B and MFT Architects Weigh In

As companies move toward a Smarter Commerce approach – where their buy, market, sell and service operations are centered around their customers – they find that integration plays a critical role in ensuring success across the broader communities involved in those activities.  When it comes to choosing the right integration strategy for your business, it’s […]

Managing the Marketing Factory

Written by Paul McNulty, Director of Marketing, Enterprise Marketing Man­­agement Group. Beginning in the 1970s, the manufacturing industry was revolutionized by the advent of materials requirement planning (MRP) software. For the first time, factories had a centralized and reliable system to track and manage every aspect of operations, from components’ availability to production schedules to […]

Building the Brand Relationship

Mention the word “brand” to any retailer, and you’ll get their attention immediately.  Every successful retailer knows that “brand” is something that is very difficult to build and very easy to destroy.  And, they know that it’s an essential component in the foundation of every long-term, successful Retail business. But, well beyond your logo and […]

How to Design a Smarter Supply Chain

Managing a global supply chain network has always been a constant balancing act. As companies look to be smarter about their supply chain operations, that balancing act takes on greater importance when they face unpredictable high growth opportunities or volatile markets.  Making sure you’re getting the best results means calculating thousands of trade-offs, including: Total […]