8 Ways to Destroy Your Brand on Twitter

The following is a guest post by entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator, Joel Comm. Volumes have been written on how brands and businesses can grow their following and engagement on Twitter. I should know as I’ve written three of them. But often overlooked as the greatest lessons are the “what-not-to-do” approaches […]

Commerce Conversations with Joel Comm

Each month, Commerce Conversations, a new series from IBM Commerce, focuses on an author who shares key business insights from his/her current publication. We introduce the author via a blog “CloseUP”; go deeper in conversation through a Google Hangout; and wrap up with a blog written by the author. Each of these components runs in […]

Top IBM ExperienceOne Highlights from 2014 and Priorities for 2015

As we come to the close of the year, I appreciate the chance to pause (very briefly!) to reflect on 2014 and where we are headed in 2015. I want to share my sincere thanks to all of our clients, Business Partners and colleagues for a momentous 2014 and I look forward to continuing our journey […]

Taking the pulse of the planet: Better business decisions, better customer engagement

When IBM announced a landmark partnership with Twitter that will enable IBM’s clients to dramatically improve how they understand their customers, markets and trends, it signaled not only an unprecedented collaboration, but also the maturation of social media. Since its inception, Twitter has grown from thousands of users in 2007 to hundreds of millions in […]

Dreaming Of A Pinterest Christmas

APIs seem to be the new black. And as we get ready for the shortened holiday e-retail season here in the U.S., retailers are looking for every edge they can get to maximize the compressed shopping season. Pinterest recently jumped in to big e-commerce recipe mix by offering up its first set up API “endpoints” […]

Which Screen To Use When

ShareThis just announced some intriguing new research on the continuing and seismic shift from PC to mobile content consumption. According to their website, ShareThis monitored some 4.9 million “signals” on the desktop web and mapped those against 1.2 million signals on the mobile web. They then examined the nuances in sharing behavior between various devices […]

Relationship Building on Social Platforms

So can you maintain meaningful relationships with thousands of people at a time? No, but every touch is important, no matter how small. Think of it this way… individual touches are like relationship seeds. You have a much better likelihood of reaping a good harvest when you sow widely, but only if you prepare the […]

Twitter for Sharing and Syndication

Many misunderstand the current power and relevant scale of Twitter. It is not about how Twitter has scaled to the general public. The most important thing about News, Content, and anything else published via Twitter, is that a great deal of the influencer community “is” utilizing Twitter for news, communication, and discovery. This information then finds […]

Building Brand Equity with Social Media

Guest post by Errol Denger, an IBM Smarter Commerce Leader. We are hearing marketers say,’ I don’t care how many Facebook fans I have if they aren’t buying our products?’  While it is highly unlikely that consumers make purchasing decisions based on the number of Twitter followers, what actually does move the needle to advance […]

40 Tips to Rock Cyber Monday & Everyday Online Sales

Following is a guest post by Pam Moore, CEO/Founder at Marketing Nutz. You can find more of Pam’s writing on Cyber Monday… either you are ready or you’re not!  Many businesses miss out on a great day to increase sales and connect with their audience because they think it’s only for the big online […]

Commerce Changes When Online and Offline Collide

Did you watch the presidential debates on Tuesday night? If so, were you simultaneously tweeting your opinion of the candidates? By Twitter’s own account, 7.2 million tweets were sent out during the 90-minute debate. What would have seemed precious and arcane just a few years ago—using Twitter to share and somehow augment your experience of […]

Friday Interview Series with Karen Wickre

Todd “Turbo” Watson (blogger and tech evangelist) talks with Karen Wickre, Editorial Director,, during the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 in Orlando. [tubepress video=”GGW6F41f5vQ”] Twitter has become a game changer in the social media realm. “Live events are a big area of interest for us because Twitter offers this real-time stream, this real-time source […]