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4 Marketing and eCommerce Trends to Pay Attention To

We all made resolutions going into 2016 – create better content, connect with customers more, so on and so forth. We also had ideas of what direction the marketing and ecommerce industries were headed. Starting the second quarter of the year, how are we coming along? As a curious millennial, I set out to find […]

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Campaign That Hits the Right Targets

Imagine being able to put up a video billboard in Times Square… for (almost) free. It’s with that kind of glee that marketers eye the explosion of social media. Businesses both small and large can create accounts on all the social media platforms and start reaching out to customers and prospects. They can spend as […]

The Future is Yesterday #NewWayToEngage

The following is a guest post by #NewWayToEngage Futurist Joel Comm. In this Ignite talk, New York Times Best-Selling Author Joel Comm shares how advances in technology don’t necessarily change how brands should strive to communicate their message.   A whirlwind tour of memorable marketing campaigns created by brands international, national and local, the examples […]

Using Social Media to Create a Better Customer Experience

The following is a guest post by Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, Shepard Presentations, LLC The customer’s voice is louder than ever. When there is a problem or complaint, he or she no longer tells the company (if they are lucky) or just their friends. They go “social” and broadcast the problem on social media channels […]

Delight Your Customers with Exceptional Service

With so many touchpoints consumers can interact with companies and individuals, today we are empowered to take control of how we want to engage with businesses. As millennials accelerate the pace at which they adopt technology moving from laptops to mobile devices to wearable gadgets, companies not only offer customer support via phone or email […]

This Is Not the Age of Social, It’s the Age of Experience

The following is a guest post by Ekaterina Walter, Global Evangelist at Sprinklr, an IBM Business Partner. There’s no denying it: social media has left its mark on the business world. Facebook is a publicly traded company worth $200 billion. YouTube is a media powerhouse, racking in 1 billion subscribers. Even smaller networks like Tumblr […]

Overcoming traditional customer segmentation with Tracx and IBM Digital Analytics

The following is a guest post by Ben Foley, Marketing Coordinator at Tracx. The integration of IBM Digital Analytics enterprise-level web analytics with Tracx’s granular enterprise social media platform brings a new level of understanding to today’s marketers, who demand greater insight into ROI-driving activities across all channels. Through the integration, brands can better understand […]

Taking the pulse of the planet: Better business decisions, better customer engagement

When IBM announced a landmark partnership with Twitter that will enable IBM’s clients to dramatically improve how they understand their customers, markets and trends, it signaled not only an unprecedented collaboration, but also the maturation of social media. Since its inception, Twitter has grown from thousands of users in 2007 to hundreds of millions in […]

New insights into the ever-evolving consumer

The following insights into the latest expectations and behavior of today’s evolving consumer were presented to 100-plus senior retail executives attending the 2014 Summit Executive Afternoon, sponsored by IBM. The statistics were drawn from IBM’s Global Consumer Study and Holiday Benchmark Study, as well as, a handful of additional sources. Let’s begin with a […]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Customer’s Experience Via Product Detail Pages – Part 2

Continuing from Monday’s post (Part 1), today in Part 2 we’ll cover more functionality and customer service options to optimize the customer’s experience via your product detail page. Delivery & Collection State free delivery and free returns; these call-to-actions can make your sale as you are saving the customer money. Place these near your purchase […]

The Art and Science of eCommerce Content Measurement

Content is the king, and it continues to be an important component of the digital marketing strategy. Quality of content is becoming critical in addition to quantity as brands big or small are heavily investing in content. If you are still not in the content creation game, then it’s not too late to jump in. […]

Curated Commerce

The role of curator from the Latin, “curare” meaning, “to take care”, has seen the emergence of new opportunities. You can now be a “curator” of technology, commerce, content, social media, big data, clinical data, and more. In fact, what used to be a highly specialized profession within the history and art world has now become a trend […]