Smarter Commerce Global Summit

In Deeper

Some years ago, I saw an editorial cartoon that showed a man opening a door marked “In.” Across the room that he was entering, there was another door that said, “In Deeper.” It dawned on me, recently, that the idea of getting deeper and deeper into something is precisely what is happening with the weaving […]

Moments Matter: Day One Of The Smarter Commerce Global Summit

The first day of the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit was an exciting one. The keynote speakers included Craig Hayman battling firehoses of data, Robert Leblanc announcing the rebranding of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM), customers relating how IBM has enabled them to reach their customers, and actor and director Ron Howard describing how moments […]

Banking On Smarter Commerce

At the opening general session of the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 in Tampa, Fausto Hernandez Pintado, the chief strategist, planning and value creation officer for Grupo Financiero Banorte, discussed how one of Mexico’s largest financial institutions is banking on Smarter Commerce to transform its customer engagement. In less than 15 years, Grupo Financiero […]


[moh-men-tuhs] adjective: of great or far-reaching importance or consequence: a momentous day Over the past few months, I have been blogging about moments that matter and their importance when it comes to meaningful customer engagement. And while truly momentous things don’t really happen that often, today is one of those days for me, for IBM, […]

Understand Your Customers With Integrated Customer Analytics

Today’s marketplace requires deep understanding of customers and coordination of customer engagement across every channel. As digital commerce continues to grow, mobile commerce is skyrocketing. In fact, ABI Research recently revealed that mobile commerce will account for 24% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017. As the channels of commerce continue to mature, […]

Why Moments Matter With SaaS

In just a few weeks, some 4,000 attendees will converge on the Tampa Convention Center for the Smarter Commerce Global Summit. They will be treated to a jam-packed agenda of over 180 sessions designed specifically for C-Suite leaders in Procurement, Supply Chain, Marketing, Merchandising, eCommerce, Customer Service and IT. And, this year there will be […]

Knock Out Months Worth Of Research In 3 Days

When I bought my last car, I did meticulous and methodical research. I decided what I couldn’t live without and what was icing on the cake. I went online, talked to friends and experts, read articles and reviews, compared costs, narrowed down my choices, visited dealers and took test drives. I gathered what I needed […]

“Avoiding The Fool-With-A-Tool Syndrome”

In my last blog “A Fool With A Tool Is Still A Fool,” I described how I first encountered this phrase and how it applies to business. Here, I provide 5 rules for avoiding the fool-with-a-tool syndrome Rule #1: Never Choose The Tool First Imagine entering an emergency room (ER) with two problems: a hangnail […]

Shine When ‘Moments Matter’ – See How At Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

On my return flight from IBM Pulse 2014 (IBM’s premier cloud conference) while watching the clouds pass and browsing shopping sites on my tablet to buy a raincoat I’ll need for an upcoming trip, I was again reminded how cloud-based solutions are transforming businesses and lives. A few tablet taps and, no worries, my new […]

‘Smarter’ Nails It: The Future of Marketing Communications

Following is a guest post by Albert Pusch, B2B Marketing Consultant for ecommerce and technology companies and co-founder of Germany’s You can find more of Albert’s writing on his website,     At this year’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco, I enjoyed a demonstration with one of the IBM managers from France […]

3 Key Takeaways from the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco

Brigitte Delearde is the Software Group Digital Leader at IBM. In the following blog she reflects on her three takeaways from the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit, held 18-20 June in Monaco.     1. Marketing needs to be firmly rooted in data. Data is at the heart of the digital era. Over the course […]

Delivering a Personalised Experience for Your Customers

Christophe Palaysi is a Solution Architect at IBM. Read on to find out about his experiences and insights from this year’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2013 in Monaco.  At this year’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco, I was based in the Solutions Centre of the fantastic Grimaldi Forum, showcasing a digitalised version of ‘a […]