Mobile Marketing

Marketing in the Moment – Using Event-Based Marketing to Earn Customer Loyalty

Last weekend, I went on a little trip up the coast to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I booked the hotel online and, while I wanted to get the best deal, there was still uncertainty as to whether I was making the right choice. The moment of truth is really when you arrive at the property, […]

A Two-Class Mobile Retail Society: The Haves and Have Nots

The following is a guest post from Andrew Dennis, Founder & CEO of NorthPage, Inc. In the heart of the holiday retail season, two classes of retailers have emerged as 87% of retail websites have significant mobile user experience deficits while 13% thrill mobile visitors and ring the mobile cash register. How important is this? […]

Mobile Matters: Get Three Trends for a Winning 2015

It’s that time of year when retailers stock their shelves with the aim of plugging their best promotions and anticipating floods of customers scrambling to make the most of holiday sales. That’s nothing new. But for the first time ever, more than half of all online shopping-related traffic during this year’s Christmas and New Year […]

Mobile Eats A Bigger Piece Of The Holiday Pie

Mobile shoppers are fulfilling holiday wishes for retailers who were ready. Whether they add new sales or simply are shifting from other channels, consumers definitely are coming through mobile…in droves. IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark reporting indicates strong growth in mobile use for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark began […]

A Merry Season For Retailers Who ‘Get’ Mobile

This holiday season is poised to be a hot one, especially when it comes to mobile. In the first week of November, purchases made from a mobile device reached more than 14% of all online retail sales – up more than 43% compared to the same period last year, and likely foreshadowing the holiday season. […]

Capitalising on Mobile Moments

Increasing internet speed (4G & Broadband), advancements in mobile devices and the applications they run are all factors driving increasingly sophisticated and relevant mobile experiences for customers. These advances offer organisations the opportunity to harness this technology and capitalise on mobile moments. What is a mobile moment? A mobile moment refers to interactions between organisations […]

Mobile Marketing for Truly Customer-Centric Marketing

We all know how crucial mobile marketing is to today’s retailers. IBM’s Global CMO Study, as well as numerous analyst reports, have found that 79% of marketers run their mobile marketing in silos, discretely, and on an ad-hoc basis, rather than through integrated campaigns. Almost all marketers understand by now that mobile is a critical […]

Mobile Shopping For the Holidays

I’ve got a secret weapon in my quest for the perfect holiday gift: my mobile phone. I say that with tongue firmly in cheek. You’d practically have to be living under a rock to not have noticed that the mobile phone appears to have changed the way we research goods and spend money online. In […]

The Evolution Of The Desktop Email Client

I read recently that development on Mozilla’s Thunderbird desktop email client will stop. Learning this left me with mixed emotions: on the one hand I’m happy to see more and more people moving their operations into the cloud, it validates the direction and power of SaaS applications and services. On the other hand I like […]

Placing Bets on an Integrated Approach to New Channels

In an omni-channel world, with scarce resources and talent, impatient investors and fickle consumers, marketers have become the Kenny Rogers-like gamblers of the corporate world: a-readin’ and a-weepin’, a-cursein’ and a-cryin’ on bets they make to take advantage of perpetually shifting mobile and social channels. This professional game of cards is borne out in IBM’s […]

11 Tips To Uncover Email’s True Reach – Part 2

In the first part of this blog I tried to introduce a concept hat I’ve borrwed from social media, specifically Klout: reach. My focus is email marketing so I wanted us to think about email in terms of the channels it crosses and the breadth of people a single email can influence, so I’ve dubbed […]

Multi vs. Cross Channel Marketing

I’ve heard the terms multi-channel and cross-channel bandied about as interchangeable concepts. Let’s get something straight—they’re not. Let’s start off with a few definitions: Multi-Channel Marketing – creating and launching campaigns (non unique) across multiple channels. E.g. sending emails that emulate a flyer in the post and backing up the message with a similar looking […]