Maria Winans

Women Leaders Who Inspire

In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked some women leaders in the tech industry to share advice on influence and leadership in today’s workplace. Hear from IBMers and Futurists on ways women can self promote and unleash limitless potential within their career. Hear from other amazing women in sunny Las Vegas at IBM Amplify!

The ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ of Marketing

How data-enriched storytelling captivates customers. In the centuries old tale “One Thousand and One Nights,” the clever Scheherazade avoids execution night after night by weaving an endless series of cliffhanger stories that compel the king to spare her just one more night (again and again) to hear how the previous night’s story ends. Along with […]

From CMOs, For CMOs – New C-Suite Study Results

Last year, the IBM Institute for Business Value interviewed more than 5,000 C-suite executives worldwide for our latest C-Suite Study. We now have data from more than 28,000 interviews stretching back to 2003. This latest survey included 723 CMOs, and we’ve distilled responses from that particular group into a special report. Powerful themes emerged and […]

Track What’s Hot for the Holidays and Stay Ahead of Trends

For the first time, during the make-or-break Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period, retailers and consumers had a way to not only track how consumers are shopping across devices, but also to spot top trending products and learn what’s behind the trends. IBM leads innovation in the commerce space, and for almost a decade we set […]

How Smart Retailers, Shoppers and You Can Become Holiday Heroes

Today we’re introducing IBM Watson Trend an app that began as the brainchild of an IBMer who championed the idea as part of a worldwide innovation competition that surfaced more than 100 ideas and nearly 5,000 votes to eventually identify 12 finalists. All in the span of one month. IBM Watson Trend was one of […]

For Marketers, Easy Customer Data Integration Just Got Real

Our mission is to help you to engineer serendipity–those delightful circumstances in which everything just seems to come together for your customer leading to powerful “You read my mind” moments. But, that’s impossible when things don’t come together for you as a marketer. Acquiring and using all the customer data that we marketers need has […]

It’s Serendipity – IBM Journey Designer Is Here!

We marketing professionals have a monumental opportunity to design serendipity for our customers— those happy circumstances that conspire to give customers “You read my mind” moments. Think about it. You’ve had those experiences with innovative brands, right? I have too, and those brands quickly become a favorite, or a worthy contender. We’re announcing IBM Journey […]

It’s about to Get a Whole Lot Easier for Marketers

Because we know there’s a perception gap in this area, IBM often challenges marketing professionals by asking, “How well do you really know your customers?” But, when it comes to considering marketing solutions for your business, you probably want to ask us, “How well do you really know me?” As a marketer myself, I can […]

Hello Europe: See How to Design Serendipity for Your Customers and Partners

In marketing, we often hear talk of the right offer at the right time. That’s good but it’s not good enough. At IBM Commerce, we’re on a mission to engineer moments of serendipity that create unbreakable bonds between our clients and their customers. We’re doing it billions of times a day, all over the world […]

Change the Way You Engage

We marketers and eCommerce leaders agree that delivering exceptional customer experience across channels is a requirement to beat the competition day in and day out. Yet many practitioners feel they don’t yet have the technology and processes they need to easily deliver rewarding customer interactions, as this study reveals. As the CMO of IBM Commerce, […]

How Is Your Customer Feeling Today?

People can change their likes, dislikes and propensities daily, and sometimes more often. Will your customer choose an action movie over their usual romantic comedy today? Do they love that the bagel shop has a new strawberry cream cheese? Are they “sooo ready” for a vacation? Are they super sick of car shopping? Are they […]

Marketers: We’re Making it Easier for You to Close the Customer Experience Gap

As a marketer myself, I’m truly excited to share some innovative new technology for marketing practitioners and leaders. But first, to understand why, let’s consider the alarming gap between what brands believe their customers are experiencing and what their customers say. IBM and market research firm Econsultancy conducted a survey and found that a lot […]