ISP Deliverability

2012 Through The Lens of 2011 Deliverability & Q4 Benchmarks

Let me start by saying happy New Year! We hope that the final days of 2011 were spent relaxing with friends and family and that whatever final marketing pushes you might’ve been engaged with went off smoothly and effortlessly. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way: welcome to 2012! What better way to […]

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deliverability Postmortem

We have closed the books on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2011. By all accounts the numbers look very promising and exceed last year’s. Marketers, retailers and shoppers alike have reason to rejoice. One might even go so far as to say that the economy itself has done a little victory dance. However, before […]

Gearing Up For Holiday Deliverability

With the holiday week upon us marketers are kicking their programs into high in hopes of achieving maximum inbox placement, clicks and ultimately, conversion.  The economy has made the battle for holiday dollars fierce. Consumers are looking for the best deals and marketers are eager to pack their inboxes with as many relevant offers as […]

Q3, 2011 Email, Mobile & Social Benchmark

As clocks roll back and the days grow shorter, we’re going to pause and review last quarter’s (Q3) deliverability across email, mobile and social messaging to get our bearings as we head into this holiday season. It’s more important than ever to mine data, extrapolate trends and make strategic decisions based on good tactical analysis […]

The Continuing Saga of

The transition of from AOL to United Internet continues to be problematic. We’ve heard from end users now about an alarming trend that negatively affects email marketers. It appears that is issuing a hard bounce for valid email addresses. Marketers who follow best practices and remove hard bounces (5.x.x permanent failures)  on the […]

The New Mail.Com Webmail Client

Ahhhh, spring is here! The warmer weather (in some parts of the country) has nudged blossoms out of their buds and filled the boulevards with petals. Snow is melting, birds are chirping, the boughs of our lemon tree are heavy with fruit and another new webmail client has arrived as if by stork courtesy of […] Bulk Foldering 90% of Inbound Mail

We all know that we don’t live in a perfect world and that not every solution is elegant. One recent example we’ve run across is the mass bulk folder placement for mail bound for the domain. We at Pivotal Veracity began to track massive quantities of mail landing in the bulk folder starting around […]

Cablevision’s New Webmail Client

Cablevision has begun the roll out of a brand new web email client for their subscribers. The new webmail client has a few significant differences from the previous email client. Amongst the new improvements is a preview pane previously non-existent in the old email client. The addition of the preview pane is a significant improvement […]

AOL Disabling Inactive Email Accounts

We’ve heard reports from numerous ESP partners and clients that AOL has been sending back large volumes of bounces due to the deactivation of old and unused email accounts. Although the exact reasons for what constitutes an inactive email account aren’t 100% clear the numbers and reports we’ve been seeing range anywhere from the documented […]

Comcast Delivery Delays

We’ve heard from end mailers and from top-tier email service providers who are experiencing large queues attempting to deliver email to Comcast, one of the leading cable providers in North America. More than 5 separate email service providers have reported queue times from hours to days. The behavior appears to have started on Friday, May […]

Full Metal Email – Confessions of an ‘Anti-Spam Zealot’

We know that spammers are the enemies of all legitimate marketers—the fear spread by malware, fraud and spoofing have made our jobs increasingly more complicated and difficult. But if we think we have it tough then the ISPs are fighting an uphill battle where the end-game hasn’t appeared on the horizon. I’m happy to bring […]

Gmail’s March Madness

The NCAA Tournament started last Thursday which means that sports fanatics all over the country are consuming massive quantities of $0.99 Doritos, developing calluses changing channels frantically and going cross-eyed staring at their brackets. What I didn’t count on was Gmail joining the the festivities and filtering a significant amount of email to the junk […]