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How to Create Industry-Leading Digital Customer Engagement

At Amplify 2016, I attended several insurance-centri sessions, including hosting an industry dinner. I came away from the conference with three key observations: Insurers are eager to use Mobile to initiate and sustain industry-leading digital customer engagement. The trick for insurers is seamlessly merging a customer’s various digital and physical interactions into one unified and […]

Experience the IBM Commerce Showcase at Amplify 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for each of the practitioners in your organization to use a new eCommerce portfolio? At IBM Amplify 2016, you can experience this for yourself! The IBM Commerce Showcase is a try-before-you-buy catalog of customer and line-of-business scenarios you can complete using IBM Commerce tooling. The scenarios […]

High-Tech Pianos and Uncompromising Expression

In the 1800s, before the phonograph, before cable TV and before the internet, pianos brought families together each evening. They were so popular, they were considered a “fast-moving consumer good,” according to Darren Marshall, CMO of Steinway & Sons. When Steinway founded the company in 1853, he would have never imagined a high-tech piano that […]

It’s Time for Radical Customer Centricity

For too long organizations have been paying lip service to customer centricity. Everyone knows it. But the old guard is getting old. Customers are no longer making every purchase decision merely on cost or ease of access, though many still are. Increasingly, purchase decisions are being made on whether a company is socially responsible, for […]

Why Design Moments of Serendipity? A Customer’s View of the Customer Journey

There are times when things align by chance to deliver a perfect moment; a moment of serendipity. Then there are moments that appear to happen by chance, but have actually been orchestrated. As marketers, we try to orchestrate serendipitous moments every day. For example, the proverbial “perfect message at the perfect time and place.” We […]

Paving the Way for Better Customer Journeys with Actionable Insights

Imagine if you will, a fictional company, CityCool. Back in September, CityCool launched their new flagship product, Sleekfit 2.0. The customer and editorial reviews were generally positive, and they are on track to meet their end-of -year revenue goals. With the holiday shopping season just ahead of them, CityCool hopes to gather insights about how, […]

For Marketers, Easy Customer Data Integration Just Got Real

Our mission is to help you to engineer serendipity–those delightful circumstances in which everything just seems to come together for your customer leading to powerful “You read my mind” moments. But, that’s impossible when things don’t come together for you as a marketer. Acquiring and using all the customer data that we marketers need has […]

Meet the Marketing Dream Team

Great marketing starts with having a great team. You need the right people in place in order to create the kind of personalized, intuitive buying experiences customers have come to expect. All the members of the Marketing Dream Team combine their unique skill sets to create, produce, analyze, and optimize the various elements of a […]

It’s Serendipity – IBM Journey Designer Is Here!

We marketing professionals have a monumental opportunity to design serendipity for our customers— those happy circumstances that conspire to give customers “You read my mind” moments. Think about it. You’ve had those experiences with innovative brands, right? I have too, and those brands quickly become a favorite, or a worthy contender. We’re announcing IBM Journey […]

Poll: Marketers, how do you spend most of your time?

“This poll has concluded.” Marketers, how do you spend most of your time? Is it spent working on the things that really impact the bottom line? Or endlessly managing campaigns, spreadsheets, and slides? Increasingly, as marketers, intensifying customer expectations require us to be agile. We need to monitor insights and make improvements to our campaigns […]

It’s about to Get a Whole Lot Easier for Marketers

Because we know there’s a perception gap in this area, IBM often challenges marketing professionals by asking, “How well do you really know your customers?” But, when it comes to considering marketing solutions for your business, you probably want to ask us, “How well do you really know me?” As a marketer myself, I can […]

Welcome Campaigns: Tips for Getting the Customer Journey off to a Strong Start

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whether you attribute the words to playwright Oscar Wilde, humorist Will Rogers or a ‘60s Madison Avenue ad campaign, there’s little denying their application in today’s digital marketing world. Take the classic welcome email, for example. When customers initially provide their email address, companies […]