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Personalized Experiences, Happy Customers

A key factor in business success today is being able to quickly respond to customer needs. Marketers intuitively know this, but what does it really mean? Do you have to be the first to respond? What if you’re second or third to provide an offer to a prospect? Is the first respondent the one who […]

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Personalization in the Dating World and Beyond

Now that the holiday all single people fear most is over – Valentine’s Day – they can all get back to doing what they do best: Swiping left and right. I recently finished listening to podcast company Gimlet’s second season of StartUp, where they featured two 20-something female co-founders of the dating website Dating Ring. […]

Continue reading Utilizes Data Science to Predict Perfect Match and Fine-tune Marketing Efforts is a matchmaking service for people of Indian and South Asian descent, managing brands that include and The company has customers all over the world, in such areas as the United Kingdom, the United States, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and it has a considerable retail presence, with more than 150 independently […]

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Deploy And Manage IBM Interact With Digital Data Exchange – No Coding Required!

The more sophisticated digital marketing gets, the more specialized solutions for niches within digital marketing emerge to help marketers build their own eco-system that best serves their needs. So, our clients of IBM Digital Marketing Optimization (formerly Coremetrics and Unica NetInsight) employ many of these solutions to extend our suite and build their own eco-system. […]

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