IBM Control Center 6.1

3 Guiding Principles for Efficient Managed File Transfer Workflow

Files and goods travel across the globe – across countries, continents, and hemispheres. Innumerable transactions occur every minute. Without a way to monitor them, it’s chaos. To have real management and control, you need visibility into what’s really going on. You and your team need access to information, with processes simple enough to promote frequent […]

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Introducing IBM Control Center v6.1: High Availability, More Managed Endpoints, and Simplified Data Access

Life is good until… your B2B or MFT system goes down. Suddenly this seemingly innocuous piece of your infrastructure—the thing that “always works”—isn’t available. I’ve seen it. Business grinds to a halt. Even if it’s just minutes, it can have a tremendous ripple effect throughout your organization. The impact of an outage can typically be […]

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