Email Deliverability

New Metrics for Inbox Performance

Written by Laura Villevieille. Laura Atkins of “Word to the Wise” recently wrote a fine article detailing the problem we have as senders:  we only ever have access to engagement data through proxy measurements like “open” and “click-through” rates. There are other metrics that senders would love to see and use to help measure engagement, […]

Getting At Email’s True Reach – Part 1

I read an article recently that got the gears upstairs cranking a little faster than normal. The cobwebs parted and my imagination ran wild as I contemplated email but through a slightly different lens. In her article on the myth of email opens Margie Clayman (@MargieClayman) postulates that email opens are a slippery slope and […]

5 Design Tips That Will Lower Your Spam Scores

I’ve recently fielded a number of questions about email design. Some of them I thought were lost in time, like the formula for turning lead into gold. I know, I know, we’re all infinitely savvy digital marketers with ludicrous amounts of technical know-how, but sometimes the simple things get past us, so it never hurts […]

Email Marketing – The Ride Is About To Get Bumpier.

A few years ago, in a different life, I was privileged to work with the folks that first developed reputation engines for spam filtering. I spent 2 years before we rolled it out banging on the drum, warning marketers that Reputation Was Coming And It Would Change Everything. When it did finally arrive, it did […]

2012 Through The Lens of 2011 Deliverability & Q4 Benchmarks

Let me start by saying happy New Year! We hope that the final days of 2011 were spent relaxing with friends and family and that whatever final marketing pushes you might’ve been engaged with went off smoothly and effortlessly. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way: welcome to 2012! What better way to […]

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deliverability Postmortem

We have closed the books on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2011. By all accounts the numbers look very promising and exceed last year’s. Marketers, retailers and shoppers alike have reason to rejoice. One might even go so far as to say that the economy itself has done a little victory dance. However, before […]

Gearing Up For Holiday Deliverability

With the holiday week upon us marketers are kicking their programs into high in hopes of achieving maximum inbox placement, clicks and ultimately, conversion.  The economy has made the battle for holiday dollars fierce. Consumers are looking for the best deals and marketers are eager to pack their inboxes with as many relevant offers as […]

Q3, 2011 Email, Mobile & Social Benchmark

As clocks roll back and the days grow shorter, we’re going to pause and review last quarter’s (Q3) deliverability across email, mobile and social messaging to get our bearings as we head into this holiday season. It’s more important than ever to mine data, extrapolate trends and make strategic decisions based on good tactical analysis […]

Yahoo! Mail “Moving Out Of Beta”

Back in March I reported on the new Yahoo! Mail Beta client that presented a fresh, social user experience with the integration of SMS and Social network messaging. At that time one of the things I noted was that Yahoo! was essentially supporting 3 different email clients. From a recent notification it appears that they’re […]

The Continuing Saga of

The transition of from AOL to United Internet continues to be problematic. We’ve heard from end users now about an alarming trend that negatively affects email marketers. It appears that is issuing a hard bounce for valid email addresses. Marketers who follow best practices and remove hard bounces (5.x.x permanent failures)  on the […]

AOL Disabling Inactive Email Accounts

We’ve heard reports from numerous ESP partners and clients that AOL has been sending back large volumes of bounces due to the deactivation of old and unused email accounts. Although the exact reasons for what constitutes an inactive email account aren’t 100% clear the numbers and reports we’ve been seeing range anywhere from the documented […]

Comcast Delivery Delays

We’ve heard from end mailers and from top-tier email service providers who are experiencing large queues attempting to deliver email to Comcast, one of the leading cable providers in North America. More than 5 separate email service providers have reported queue times from hours to days. The behavior appears to have started on Friday, May […]