Black Friday

3 Lessons for Retailers from the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

As we begin 2016, it is good to reflect on the lessons of the previous year. The 2015 holiday shopping season set many precedents. Online retail sales are ever riding the upward slope with a 13.6% increase in online retail sales in November and December over the same months in 2014. This last shopping season […]

Jumping into Summer Feet-first While Remaining Head-first on the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

As grills heat up, pools quickly become overcrowded and the heat consumes us all, it is obvious summer is upon us. What may not be as obvious to some is that this summer season marks the inherent shift in strategy to focus on 2H initiatives, including the behemoth holiday shopping season. Yes, I just referenced […]

Customer engagement loads up shopping carts

Have a bit of a shopping hangover after a Black Friday/Cyber Monday spending spree? I know I do. That “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are now part of the collective psyche speaks both to the extraordinary marketing efforts of retailers to turn a profit and our willingness to engage with those brands that offer us […]

Black Friday Consumer Trends: 3 Quick Takeaways

As anticipated, Black Friday 2014 saw record online and mobile shopping sales. While these increases were expected, digging into the data reveals some interesting trends that could have implications for how retailers engage with consumers in the future. You can explore the latest statistics for yourself on the new IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live application available […]

Putting your finger on the pulse of the holiday shopping season: Introducing IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live

If you’ve watched television, opened your email, or searched a website in the past two weeks (and I know you have) you have already noticed the onslaught of promotions touting a chance to get a jump on the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Retailers big and small are offering consumers earlier, better, deals–in store and online–so […]

Five Actions Retailers Can Take Based on IBM’s Holiday Predictions

The following is a guest post by Bryan Eisenberg, founder and CMO of IdealSpot. Data ultimately tells a story about people. Those people have a vast array of thoughts, opinions, preferences, feelings, needs and motivations. The actions those people take are measurable, as evidence of that vast array of thoughts, opinions, preferences, feelings, needs and […]

Countdown to Black Friday… are you ready?

Yes, Thanksgiving weekend is nearly upon us, and with it the key shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, in the past few years, Thanksgiving has rapidly emerged as a third landmark shopping day. IBM forecasts a 15% increase from last year in online sales over this 5 day period. And, most notably, […]

Black Friday and the Digital Marketing Elf’s dark secret

In the world of retailers, and even many service providers, Black Friday is the Big Bang of the retail season, exploding and expanding as it spawns additional sales events (Cyber Monday, etc.) on its march toward New Year’s Day. It has become such a huge indicator for economic health that annual reports like the IBM […]

Three email tips to cash in on this year’s holiday shopping trends

The following in a guest post by Bill Haskitt, Partner and head of Whereoware’s client marketing group. Between Thanksgiving promotions, Black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday events, retailers face a hectic holiday season. This year, consumers are in the driver’s seat – between in-store and online options and a zillion competitors pushing grand slam deals, […]

Why More Clicks Will Be Happening on Mobile This Holiday Season

As mobile devices have grown in sophistication, they’ve become an integral part of our daily routine. Checking emails has become one of the most common uses of smartphones and tablets, with the percentage of opens on mobile devices hovering between 45 percent and 50 percent today versus 29 percent in January 2012. And given that […]

Trend-spotting and holiday shopping forecasts, at your service

Every year at this time, the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark (now in its 7th year) becomes somewhat of beacon of insight among media and business circles. That’s because it’s the industry’s only real-time, cloud-based, self-service source for a comprehensive view of online shopping ecommerce and behavior metrics. To stay on top of trends, I recommend […]

Is Black Friday still relevant?

As I sit here the week after Halloween watching my neighbors put up their Christmas lights, I am wondering why the holiday season comes earlier each year. You can argue that people who want to enjoy the holiday season longer are driving this early start, but the more likely answer is that retailers are eager […]